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Please try again later. This set is what got me into trance. Disc 1 is highly melodic with some fascinating turns and the occasional bit of humor "Rasta In My House". Disc 3 is more progressive. It's all great stuff. IMO though Disc 2 is a waste of time - it's not my kind of music, and doesn't fit in well with the other two discs at all simply because it's not trance.

The inclusion of this disc lowers my rating from 5 to 4 stars. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Verified Purchase. I don't know the lyrics but to me, it sounded like "magic, magic, magic, magic. Hunka Bunka Wilson's Mum AM - 28 January, Hi team, looking for your expert assistance to locate an old track from between - Repeated melody throughout and a little sampled voice that says I heard it again recently at a public event, it's driving me crazy.

Thanks for any help you can provide! Mima PM - 28 January, So many epic tracks on this thread!! San Francisco screaming out for more, for more Can someone tell me what this track is, - ? Such a relief to finally have an answer! That is incredible! This just opened a whole world of music for me! I just hope someone could help me out. It's a song from yr ' I could be wrong with the year but it should be around that time.

Some type of tribal music and you could also hear whistle, tribal drums and gongs, no singing at all. FYI it is not the whistle song. Thanks in advance! The lyrics were "I've got to be free. The song also had a sample from "Bonesbreaks - The Bacardi Beats". The song is featured at of this mix, any help would be greatly appreciated. Donsillica PM - 20 February, hey guys, ive been searching for a song i used to play alot as a kid.

Donsillica PM - 20 February, that is the exact sound of the car in the beginning of the song that spins away, but then theres a crash and the beat starts. Donsillica AM - 21 February, Quote:. Donsillica AM - 21 February, Anyone else have any ideas of what or where i can find it.

The mix starts definitely with that car sound. The song had the word, "house" repeated over and over at the beginning of the track. The song had lyrics like "move your body, move your body, come boogie tonight Taipanic PM - 26 February, Quote:. Think it may have been 96ish. Not only can i not remember the release i can only remember the start of the track and wat it says on repeat in the tune. It starts of with a helicopter in the distance then as it gets closer it gets louder obviously then a bloke says officer bella bella bella.

I could be wrong with bella as ive searched and searched for this and just cannot find it. If anyone has an idea then it wud be much appreciated if u can let me no your thoughts. Think it may be hard house but cant be sure.

I understand theres not much to go on but my disco biscuit brain will not dig any deeper. Cheers in advance. Not the one tho. Maybe someone can help. It has limited lyrics House track I think. Scooter87 PM - 23 March, Hello!

Guys, I'm desperate. Help me find 2 songs. The first song I heard in The style of music was techno or rave, I'm not entirely sure. I remember that the rhythm was fast and hard. And there was a rude male voice that shouted:- "Boss, boss, move your body! Boss, boss, move your body!

The music was very energetic and incendiary. I can also add that the voice was a little hoarse. As far as I remember, there were only these words in the song. There were no other choruses in it. All the rest of the time, there was fast music. In the style of fast techno or rave. Now it's hard to say for sure. The second song I heard in November The style of music was trance. In the music there was a sound like a violin, possibly remade on a synthesizer.

And yet I'm not sure that this sound was exactly like a violin, maybe a little bit. There was a male melodic voice of medium tonality. Unfortunately I do not remember the lyrics exactly. I remember only the words in the chorus:- "Hasta la vista, baby hold on". Then after this chorus the same music was like a violin. Then there were many words of the song.

Of which I remember:- "i don't know"" just a dream". I do not remember anything else. But I'm pretty sure that the rhythm style of this song started early 's, not the 90's! And most importantly, this song and music have nothing to do with the Terminator and Schwarzenegger!!! Philgoodxx PM - 31 March, Hi. I need help. I lost the CD amd forgot who it was but I never found it on the internet.

I wish I could find it back because it was THE shit. Kinda set that that get right into your nerve This Must Be The Real Thing - Various - Trance House Mix (CD) while on E. Please I need help from electronic music fan.

I forgot on the CD was a mix from the Ferris Bueler movie. Watch www. Spiritdancer AM - 8 April, I will first leave a gift of music as it seems appropriate for this pretty amazing thread. Mr jack and Olivier gossaries - back from Hawaii ep chunky pumping speed garage 2. Black up - ganja see description 1 - add a little swing 3. Tom Novy vs Eniac - pumpin original mix I believe Less oblique - BSOD analog body jacking goodness 7.

Live element feat John ray - over and over live element dark element remix 9. Maceo plex and John da Silva - Love somebody else feat joi cardwell The incredible melting man feat DJ capital - Red skull scissor kicks remix Now I am looking for a song that I only saw as a white label vinyl in I I wanna get funky.

I wanna get funky Scooter87 AM - 8 April, Hello! Please help me. Taipanic PM - 12 April, Quote:. Pade PM - 12 April, Thank you. Does anyone know the title of the song with these lyrics- I watch Windows High as could be Watching Windows I'm aware of where you been go Probably from late 90's and runs through my head every so often since then. Thank you DHV. House song. Female singer. I just remember the chorus. Want some loving you gotta get some loving.

Gotta get some loving you want some get some. Any help would be great. It starts at ? I think those were the best years for anyway. I promise!!! Can u Relate? Two separate songs. This basically repeats. Then followed by the same but the third note is a little higher like do, da, do, do then repeated several times and there is slow high pitched scratch like shoop, shooey shoo, shooey, shooey shoo and then then organ break from towards the end of TMTTMG caps it off like do, da, do di, do, da, do and the hip hop beat drops again.

Not sure when it was released but it goes hard. I want it! Somebody hit me back with answer! Taipanic PM - 25 June, Quote:. Taipanic PM - 26 June, Quote:. I actually tracked down the second song I described. Old school hip hop is my specialty, no track I.

Those are the ones I need! Giannis60 PM - 6 July, I am looking for a song that goes I only heard it once at a hall party I don't think there's any other lyrics other than the hook that just gets repeated at various times throughout the song in a slightly deep male voice, something like: Day-do bugga-do bugga-do day-bop Day-do bugga-do bugga-do day-bop Day-do bugga-do bugga-do bugga-do bugga-do day-bop It's from the same time period when Aly Us - Follow Me was big Candygirl78 AM - 22 July, Hey everyone.

From the 90s- house Female voice Taipanic PM - 24 July, Quote:. Dnvnsutton live. I'm a total house head Detroitbootybass PM - 25 July, Quote:. SirDuckAlot AM - 27 July, Does anybody know a song from the late 90s I believe that goes like "ahh " and keeps repeating that line throughout the song? Song been stuck in my head for months and can't find it. Limited vinyl tax B2, "Still In Love". Crayzee PM - 17 August, Quote:.

Read through all the posts, sampled all suggestions. Wierd, after finding this forum went through my favorite House or house similar tunes, and most of them are from around the era!! Cresshane AM - 15 September, I'm trying to find a techno song its a simon says sung by a female artist talking about having kids leave the room this is only for adults and something about grinding.

Detroitbootybass PM - 15 September, I'm reiterating the name of this thread as multiple people lately have failed to process it in their brains: House Classics from the Late 90's. Taipanic AM - 16 September, Quote:. Shacky PM - 7 October, Hey all, I've been hunting for a house song for a while, and it's driving me nuts.

Starts with something like 'New York's calling, do you want to accept the charge? Male Lyrics were kinda erotic tone along the lines of picking up a girl, may not be correct : Ive been looking for you Do it from the right, do it from the left, do it all night. I found it years ago on youtube and swear it had a title of "quashi" or something like that, but obviously not because ive searched that many times with no results. Tbear PM - 16 October, Hi guys been searching for a track with the lyrics "The rhythm is both the songs manicle and it's demanicle charge" Help me please.

Thanks, TB. That isn't the make it happen track though. Thanks for your efforts. Not as dark techno as the one you suggested. It was a house track. It might not have been called Make It Happen but I thought it was. It was so upbeat and uplifting and popular at the time.

AllGlobal AM - 10 November, jackdhouse AM - 10 November, Fast Eddie's song Man that is the songi can't begin to tell you how long i surf online trying to luck out on the name. Much appreciated it. WhiteRaven AM - 13 November, A couple of tracks that have been eluding me for a couple of decades, ugh, I'm old. Any help is most appreciated so I can get these ear worms out of my head and onto my decks First is a song where a woman is yelling at a man, and then proceeds to call him a very nasty work in Spanish.

It starts with an M but I won't spell it out here. Second is a little harder to explain. I remember it starts out with a woman welcoming people on board some kind of flight and then counting down as if for a rocket launch. That second track is the one I've been wracking my brain about the most for years.

My preference is the dub version of it. Fakaza AM - 16 November, A couple of tracks that have been eluding me for a couple of decades. It's not Rockell or the others listed on this discussion,been searching for about 14 years. Sam—1 PM - 18 November, Please can someone help me id a track? Looking for a track that I This Must Be The Real Thing - Various - Trance House Mix (CD) heard, Dimitry from Paris dropped it on a glitterbox set.

I need help ID'ing a track from late 90's or early 's. I remember it had a female vocal and I think the only lyrics were" You took your love away from me" then a hard beat dropped in and she would repeat "you took your love, you took your love, You took your love away from me" then the beat would come HARD! The first mix I heard of it, it either preceded or ended into "You used to hold me" Help me out, please.

Taipanic PM - 12 December, Quote:. It was a gqom songs from www. It's sung by a female, with a good rough voice and the lyrics go Very old and original house Chicago maybe Thanks Molly. I'm trying to find the unedited version, closest i can find to the exact mix is on youtube uploaded by masa classix. I'm hopeful, for the first time in forever, that maybe someone here will have an idea as to what I'm talking about.

There was an ep, back in maybe the mid to late 90's or very barely 's, that had about 5 tracks on it. But what I've really been jonesing for, for the last x number of years, is the first track. It was a similarly dreamy deephouse track, This Must Be The Real Thing - Various - Trance House Mix (CD) all i know was that there were words repeating over and over "don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, don't worry.

Does this ring any sort of bells for anyone? The only track I've been able to find from that ep is the Shiver Me remix, and that was a very fluke one-off. Thank you for this forum, btw. Regardless of whether or not this leads me to that track, this thread has a world of good stuff on it. Robejz PM - 24 January, Quote:. Looking for the name of the doing with the following lyrics It's from the early 90's: Freedom, in the moonlight Just let yourself go, On the floor tonight Don't you worry, I'll be by your side.

It's not hard trance though. It was from around The only thing I remember is that there's a man with a deep voice that says "Magic Magic Magic" over and over again. Theres like maybe one or two other words in the lyrics but I cannot recall what they are. I met my wife at that party and we have been together ever since and she would just be beside herself if I can do her a mixtape just like we heard it then, a very much thank you for any help. House music all night long PM - 4 March, I have a question about a 99s house track that has been stuck in my head for a while.

I heard it in a club in Houston off of Kuykendall. House music all night long PM - 4 March, Never mind found it. No lyrics aside from someone saying "Zah! The voice sounds similar to Fantasy Island's Ricardo Montalban.

Very catchy beat. Any help would be greatly appreciated. House music all night long AM - 5 March, "Looking for a freestyle - house song from the early 90s. Track ID anyone? Thanks a lot. Good luck with the search. Tydey PM - 21 April, Quote:. Put out a lot of good tracks. I think it This Must Be The Real Thing - Various - Trance House Mix (CD) with a continuous thud bass that goes a little bit faster along with the other sound effects and maintain it throughout the music. I think the song is not complex and I remember that the chorus goes like "When I feel you In my heart When I feel you and I try to Someone can help me?

Thanks a lot! OldSkoolMusic AM - 8 May, I'm looking for a late 90's song that I've been trying to nail down for about 20 years now, so any help will be greatly appreciated, This Must Be The Real Thing - Various - Trance House Mix (CD).

I've compiled what I remember of the lyrics below, although my "uugh" could easily have been a "umph," "oomph," or "ungh. Can't get you off my mind Gonna get you one more time Gonna make you uugh Gonna make you uugh. I never really got the lyrics, but loved the track - it has a chorus line with a lady singing blues style -almost shouting something like: "If not for you babe" then a kind of backup singer goes something like: "It's all I got" the got is extended like goh-hot Repeat "If not for you babe - It's all I goh-hot" Like I said I didn't really get the lyrics Any help is appreciated :!

RedHorse PM - 10 May, Hello to all, I have been driving myself crazy trying to find a couple of old hard house tracks from the mid to late '90's.

Both tracks feature female vocals. The first track has a mid-temple beat with a rhythm similar to da da pause da pause da. The song had a verse and a chorus and I remember parts of the lyrics, again sung by a female, which go like this in no particular order: "I'm not gonna take it anymore", "Found another lover that's better than you" or something along those lines"What goes around, comes around", "So if you didn't know, well now you do? I tried to find this song by lyrics but none of them are from this track.

Lil Cesar that appears in the intro mix at the mark youtu. I have also tried looking this song up by lyrics as well but to no avail. I have listened to countless house mixes on YouTube to find these songs, even going so far as to dust off the old tape player and listen to my old tapes that I recorded off the radio in hopes that I had it recorded on tape but no suck luck! Any leads or ideas would be much appreciated! Thank you! RedHorse AM - 16 May, matmuleme I checked out the link you posted and out of all those songs with that "Work it to the bone" sample, I still couldn't find that particular track I described in my original posting.

I appreciate the help though! Now what will I do, what will i doooo, what will I what will I do without you. I have a small bit of the track, if I can post some where if that could help. Taipanic PM - 17 May, Quote:. You nailed it bro. Loving to live in those lovely retro times. Thanks again. Help find the following songs: 1st soundcloud. Tape recording This is one of the ones I was looking for: Dj Juanito ft.

I just so happen to go on this one website and ended up finding the track here. Maybe it could help out others here who are looking for long lost dance tracks as well! Happy hunting! History of Hardhouse CD. You can hear a small section of the song from the clip at the - mark: youtu. For any "what does x genre of Electronic music sound like" question, there's the exhaustive Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music.

Bear with the lame intro; the guide itself is fantastic. I always like to use Ishkur's Guide to Electronic Music. You may have seen it before. I think the difference is a subtle one, and certainly varies from place to place and arguably even from person to person. My take is that trance is a subset or offshoot of house. Wikipedia articles are informative: TranceHouse. Thanks for that link, zsazsa.

Fantastic indeedy. I never quite understood the difference until someone gave me a crate of house and techno and I tried to mix the two together - they share the same time signature type stuff but they don't really go together.

Like bloggyboy said. Trance is more Lots of repeated, slowly morphing, spacey synths. Lots of reverb. It's certainly got more of a "I'm flying thru the cosmos on a beam of light" feel. Sometimes it's ridiculously cheesy and emotionally manipulative. I got tired of trance about 5 years ago, after buying one too many trance compilation CDs; after a while, it all starts to sound the same: buildup, breakdown, buildup, breakdown.

Having said that, the best trance producers I know of are Sasha and Digweed. I recommend seeking out some of their stuff -- it's less cliched than Oakenfold and van Dyk. House, as someone said upthread, has more black and Latin influences -- This Must Be The Real Thing - Various - Trance House Mix (CD), gospel, blues, salsa. It sounds less synthetic, more like it's performed by real people using real instruments.

Lately there's a subgenre called electro-house, which is neither trance nor traditional house nor techno, but has similarities to all three. Also a lot of EQ sweeps -- for example, you'll hear a phrase of music or singing or speaking, looped, very muffled, and as it repeats it slowly becomes more clear as the treble is turned up, or it starts out tinny and gets richer as the bass is turned up.

Some of this stuff actually has a very menacing feel to it -- not bluesy like house, euphoric like trance, or spaced-out like techno. Tiefschwarz and Blackstrobe are good exemplars of electro-house.

Uplifting Trance dj mixes & sets by Uplifting Trance DJ's from around the world. Download the latest Uplifting Trance dj mixes. Page 1 of Jun 12,  · House vs Trance House and Trance are two words associated with music between which there are a number of differences. House and Trance should be understood differently even though both are electronic dance are often considered as genres of music. Download “Oldskool House Mix 8 MP3” DJ_Kippax_-_Old_Skool_Mix_climdetitidilo.stefebdicompsagriadergfoundtalawsafet.co3 – Downloaded times – MB. Comments about Oldschool House mix 8. Sixteen more classic house tracks crafted together in a 75 minute DJ Mix. All the scratching and cuts have been performed by DJ Kippax. The mp3 download links for this mix can be found just above. Aug 04,  · This is kind of like asking “Is there more drum or bass in drum & bass music?” You have tracks which are clearly house, you have tracks that are clearly trance, and there are many, MANY tracks that could simultaneously be considered either or. Bef. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Trance House: Go Insane - Various Artists on AllMusic - Jan 29,  · House music vs. trance music. "Techno and trance, the two primary dance music genres that branched off from house in the late s and early s respectively, can share this basic beat infrastructure, but usually eschew house's live-music-influenced feel and black or Latin music influences in favor of more synthetic sound sources and approach.". Listen to Trance Of House (Remaster) by Dream Techno on Deezer. With music streaming on Deezer you can discover more than 56 million tracks, create your . Recorded in the forest at PTE DOOF March Trip down memory lane. Tracks that got me into dance music, from early euro house to classic era trance. 1. Lustral - Everytime - (Red Jerry Remix) 2. Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love 3. Soulsearcher - Can't Get Enough (Vocal Club Mix) 4. Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall_(original mix) 5. We love Trance and House, but non could be acheived without the love and support of our fans. Thank you for all your support and comments. It's your presence that enables "I Trance House . House is strongly influenced by elements of soul and funk-infused varieties of disco. House generally mimics disco's percussion, especially the use of a prominent bass drum on every beat, but may feature a prominent synthesizer bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, funk and pop samples, and reverb- or delay-enhanced vocals.


Goal Kick - Enigmatist* - Goal Kick (Vinyl), Leaving The Club-Bah, Chances Are - Various - Solid Gold Love Songs Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP), Im In - Reverse (6) - Reverse (CD), Various - The North Is Protected (Vinyl), 고속운동 (High Speed Movement) - Gongmyoung* - Deep Sea (CD, Album), Space Station Africa - Flatwound - Super Space Dope Funk (CD, Album), AbbaJi (For Alla Pakha) - John McLaughlin - Floating Point (CD)

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    View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Trance House Mix on Discogs/5(3).
  2. Label: BMG Records Africa - CDBSP(CF) • Series: Trance House - 6 • Format: CD Compilation, Mixed • Country: South Africa • Genre: Electronic • Style: Progressive House, Trance, House4/5(4).
  3. It's OK, I just wish they had listed that it was a D.J. mix and some of the songs run into each other, of course it is an ok CD for parties and working out but I still would love to find a dance CD where their are gaps between the tracks and the songs don't run into each other and I wish it had more of my favorite dance hits besides What's Up /5(10).
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    We love Trance and House, but non could be acheived without the love and support of our fans. Thank you for all your support and comments. It's your presence that enables "I Trance House .
  5. Jun 25,  · Tensnake helped pave the way for the current deep-house revival with his song “Coma Cat,” a sluggish-yet-sparkling slice of vocal R&Boogie that started out on Munich’s Permanent Author: SPIN Staff.
  6. Nov 25,  · Tracklist: DoubleV - The Gate (Original Mix) MOTi – Lion Tenishia & Somna feat. Michele C - Show Me A New World (Tenishia Remix) Ty Whiite ft. Crowd Ctrl - .
  7. Sep 21,  · It's an interesting mix in that the sound gradually evolves from full out house/trance at the beginning and thru the middle to an almost disco-ish (Gloria Gaynor?) sound by the last couple of songs. The transition is really smooth and sweet, and keeps the CD interesting all the way through. Let this music carry you away!5/5(8).
  8. DJ or Performer: Armin van Buuren Title: Armin van Buuren & Rodg - A State of Trance ASOT () Style: Electronic, Big Room, Electro, House, Progressive, Trance Release Date: RAR / ZIP Size: MB.
  9. Oct 28,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Dance to the House vol - Retro House, Techno, Trance, YouTube Trance progressive Steve B Vinyl Mix Belgium - Duration:

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