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You may have planned to plant a few extra herbs in the veggie patch and perhaps watch an old movie playing on TV.

But, your phone rings you awake, earlier than your usual weekly wakening time and on the other end is a demand for attention. Whatever the early morning crisis is, it means you have to jump out of bed and get dressed without the luxury of a long shower. As your coffee bubbles into readiness, another phone call threatens your almost-achieved peace. Is being on the wrong end of co-dependency a pathology of its own?

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Previous after the rain. Or at least it feels like it does. Without it we die. So the fear of abandonment is a very real problem, if you are a child.

And you will do whatever you can to stop it. Perhaps you become desperate, subservient or clingy. If you are feeling alone, you might reach out to find anyone to temporarily fill that void, even if it is clearly a bad choice. Maybe you become angry and threatening. All these moves are ways you deal with the threat of abandonment. The hard thing about using The Abandonment Move is, once you get used to doing it, you can find it hard to stop, especially if you are with someone who falls for this stuff.

As your child-self gets more and more power, you begins to feel safest manipulating people this way. Eventually, you lose respect for yourself and the people you love. Because this move puts you in a position of power, it is up to you to identify exactly how you do this move and commit to stopping it. One more thing, as long as you keep doing these dances, healthy people, those who want an honest, intimate relationships, are going to steer clear of you. They have no interest in having a relationship, personal or professional, with someone who acts this way.

So, get busy changing your behavior so you can create great relationships. But who really wins? Your fear of being open and vulnerable is getting in the way of your relationship success. You lose. You might believe if someone gives up their preferences, dreams and desires, for fear of losing you it proves you are loved or lovable.

It means you are using The Abandonment Move and they are falling for Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File). Be aware if you have been unconsciously testing your loved ones this way.

Manipulating with Fear I think you can see by now, you are manipulating with fear when you use this move. There are many people that will put up with extreme abuse if they feel threatened with abandonment. You can be belittling, controlling, condescending or cruel as long as your loved one is insecure enough to put up with it. The Abandonment Move and Abusive Relationships This move is a common dynamic in abusive relationships.

If you are in a relationship with someone who pulls this on you, you are in jeopardy of losing more and more of your self-confidence and self-esteem.

If you feel afraid when someone uses this tactic, you are feeling a very young part of yourself that feels worthless. You can heal this part of you in therapy and not let the fear of abandonment run your life. The Switch: When Abandoning Turns To Clinging There is a delicate balance in this dance where each person knows when the other has gone too far. You just used The Abandonment Move. Before, when you ignored her messages, it worked. She would get anxious and change her plans to do whatever you wanted.

Eventually, she would drive over to your house, where you would coolly answered the door, ignoring her frantic appearance and tell her you are busy.

That usually got her back in line so she would behave herself and not assert herself again. What the hell is going on? Did she start therapy? Did she read this book? Whatever the case, you realize you just pushed it too far, too often or too much. You shift gears and send her a friendly little hello. Then you try to track her down. You have just switched to the Clinging Move, just another part of the dance. How to do it in a healthy way— Abandonment Vs.

Disengaging If you stop using The Abandonment Move, does that mean you can never pull away from a conversation or leave a relationship? Of course not. You were trying to get the upper hand and keep the relationship going, albeit in a damaging way. It is calm, well thought out decision not a knee-jerk, childlike reaction. When you use disengaged, others might still think you are trying to manipulate them or threaten them, but you know inside you have simply made a quiet, grounded decision to separate yourself, momentarily or permanently, from the relationship.

There is no underlying, manipulative hidden agenda. You are in charge of when and how separations occur. To you, this feels better than taking the chance someone could leave you.

You might enjoy the feeling of power as you watch your partner squirm, collapse and finally allow you to do whatever you want.

If she does, you just leave her. Or at least threaten to. You will be more open and vulnerable in a way that creates intimacy. Sure, it might feel scary at first, but the payoff is worth it.

She is being open, undefended and vulnerable with her feelings. She wants to express her love and connection. Off Balance But just as someone authentically needing help is different than someone playing the victim role, someone trying to engage is different than someone using The Clinging Move. The clinging move has an underlying level of desperation. When you use the clinging move, not only are you coming from a one down position, you are setting up others to abandoned or reject you.

This is a predictable part of the dance. You ignore the subtle or not-so-subtle signs from others to back off and when they finally need a break they have to leave or push you away.

And, predictably, you get your payoff — you feel abandoned or rejected. Emma wants to have more connection with Randy. All along she sensed he was more distant than her. But she hoped to change that. Unconsciously, she was doing the very things that would drive him further away. It got to the point where he felt overwhelmed and just wanted to walk away. So answering her messages began to feel like a burden.

Instead, she held on to him. Have you done this to? Have you let your insecurity or neediness drive your actions? Your child regression neediness feels overwhelming to others and eventually they just need to get away. Other times you will notice it as an underlying urge that colors what you say and do.

Because of this, you are in an endless cycle of still not feeling truly valuable. And Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File) you try again. Once you resolve your feelings of unworthiness, your self-confidence is quite appealing. Which is very attractive to people who want to have healthy relationships. You are the one who creates the momentum and opportunity for connection in the relationship.

You never let your partner move towards you because you are too quick to make things happen. Your friend or partner never gets to experience what it is like to not have you there. He never gets to miss you. If you want to develop healthy relationships, you are going to learn to tolerate those empty spaces. And if you find out that your friend or date is less invested in the relationship than you are, you get to find out fast.

Before you have invested a lot of time and energy. Before you have children, move to a new city or give your heart away. You push and push for more connection by asking for more attention or physical closeness when it is obvious your mate needs time alone. You secretly feel delighted when he apologizes for being mean. Of course, none of this ever satisfies what you really want which is true connection.

If you are still in the dance and realize your clinging is not going to work, you shift gears. No longer in the one down clinging position, you flip to abandoning or rejecting. You carefully watch to see if your partner will take the bait. Or you attack with a series of well-aimed criticisms designed to wound and forced him to leave you.

And when he finally does, you feel a small victory but you also feel pain. How to do it in a healthy way— Clinging Vs. Connecting If you stop using The Clinging Move, does this mean you can never have needs?

Does it mean you should never feel vulnerable or insecure? No, we are all human and have those feelings now and then. But there is a distinct flavor difference when you are doing this dance instead of openly trying to get what you want. For many people, the urge to continue engaging in these dances is a sign of regression.

The Clinging Move, for example, might be driven by regression that creates an insatiable need for reassurance you cannot fill. Learn more on our website about regression. When you use The Clinging Move to try to get what you need once in a while it works. Once in a while you get that extra hugging closeness, and reassurance that he will never leave you. And that momentary relief you feel is worth all the effort. When you stop using this move, Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File), at first you might feel little shaky.

You think you need something from someone else for you to feel safe or worthy. But when you stop this dance you also, stop looking outside yourself for your self-worth. The respect you develop for yourself is worth it. And because you respect yourself, you create relationships based on self-respect instead of neediness. You are more likely to honor your values and hold true to your own soul when conflict occurs because you know there is something much worse than somebody abandoning you.

What is worse? You abandoning yourself. And because you know this you will not abandon yourself again. When someone is using The Rejection Move, she is often overwhelmed by feeling hurt. She might be filled with emotion, and just needs some space to regroup, deal with her feelings, and calm herself.

Or maybe she is angry and is trying to express how upset she is. And maybe, in her pain, she is stuck in a knee-jerk response trying to hurt the one she feels harmed her. Off Balance What turns a simple need for time alone or the expression of upset feelings into The Rejection Move? When you are using The Rejection Move, there is an underlying urge to hurt or manipulate someone else.

Similar to the little child who is mad at her mommy, you shove away your partner who has displeased you. You reject her advances of affection, reject her offerings of help and reject her attempts to connect.

You start attacking her. You bring up everything you can think of that your beloved feels ashamed about; every mistake they have made, every failure and everything they feel insecure about. If they take the bait and do this dance with you, they will try to prove they love you by going into anxious overdrive offering one form of love after another in hopes that you will finally receive it.

Or, after enough rejection or attacks from you, they finally leave and you feel abandoned. Michael and Todd, another architect at the firm, had both been at a meeting with a prospective client. When the client finally decided to work with the firm, she said she only wanted to work with Todd. Todd and Michael had always gotten along well, but after this, things changed. Each time Todd offered to help out on something, as he had in the past, Michael rejected his offer of assistance. With Todd, Michael would ridicule his idea and then move onto another topic.

Feeling something was off, at first Todd increased his attempts to get Michael to interact with him. And he knew that reaching out to Michael, in spite of his constant rejection, would only perpetuate the dance. So instead he shifted gears, stayed upbeat and friendly but did not keep reaching out to connect. Other Examples Sometimes you can see you have been using The Rejection Move by examining your words or behavior.

Other times you will notice it lies in your attitude towards others. Usually it means you feel hurt and need to deal with your feelings. But, as with all the other dances, this move will ensure you will never get what you really need. If you succeed in hurting the other person through your rejection you get only brief satisfaction. If you succeed in forcing them to leave, you only feel sad and lonely again. And if you succeed in getting your partner Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File) feel anxious or guilty, you have set in motion a pattern you will eventually regret.

You need to deal directly with your feelings and talk with others about what you want instead of letting this hurt inner-child dynamic take over.

So instead, you set it up to make the other person leave you. After a long day of being home alone with her baby, Emma needed a break. When her husband, Randy, came home from Work and, instead of asking him to take the baby for a while and give her some time alone, she began to nitpick him.

Complaining about all the unfinished repair jobs around the house she pushed him away with her blaming. In a huff, he bundled off their daughter to the nursery room.

Even though Emma was upset, she felt an odd sort of relief now that she was finally getting the time alone that she needed. In this damaging power play, you reject him through your criticisms or refusal to accept his offers of connection. As he tries harder and harder to Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File) you to accept him, you keep pushing him away. He might try hard for a while but, unless he is very insecure, he will and Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File) give up.

Your friend stops trying to get you to connect with them. And you are left with nothing to fight with, the struggle is done.

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  1. Mar 10,  · Paris Can't Have You - EP Shannon Curtis Pop · Preview SONG TIME Paris Can't Have You. 1. PREVIEW Leave You Behind. 2. PREVIEW Don't Call Me. 3. PREVIEW Push Me Pull Me. 4. PREVIEW What Makes a Man Fall In Love? 5.
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    EP from alternative pop artist Shannon Curtis. Features "Paris Can't Have You" and "Don't Call Me.".
  3. The Los Angeles Times describes Shannon as " a beautiful piano player who sounds like the love child of Fiona Apple and Norah Jones." Shannon's debut EP, Boomerangs & Seesaws, was released in July on the tiny Saint Cloud Records label. Her second EP, Paris Can't Have You, was released in March , also on Saint Cloud Records.
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    Paris Can't Have You (EP, ) by Shannon Curtis, released 10 March 1. Paris Can't Have You 2. Leave You Behind 3. Don't Call Me 4. Push Me Pull Me 5. What Makes A Man Fall In Love?
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  6. Push Me Pull Me By Shannon Curtis. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Push Me Pull Me. Featured on Paris Can't Have You - EP. More by Shannon Curtis. Revolutionary Acts of Optimism. Both at the Same Time. The Space Between. The Space Between (Audio Play) Creationism. More Shannon Curtis. Listen to Shannon Curtis now. Listen.
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    Zang-Tumb - Konx-Om-Pax - Regional Surrealism (Vinyl, Album), Feelin Stronger Every Day, Perspective - Until The Ribbon Breaks - A Lesson Unlearnt (CD), Push Me Pull Me - Shannon Curtis - Paris Cant Have You (File), The Spell - Demon (4) - Night Of The Demon + The Unexpected Guest (CD), Forsaken Grief - Promotion Cassette 92 (Cassette), Your.
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