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Sean Killian does not really live up to the album he is in, but he is still able to deliver a satisfactory performance. The production is raw, as it should be with every thrash metal release although sometimes it feels too raw and the riffs are energetic, catchy, aggressive, and ultimately fun.

Throughout the 80's many bands managed to leave there mark on the thrash scene. Some getting far more famous and commercially successful then others, while some were left to leave there mark and fade away into the underground history books. Although this is definitely not a popular album it is definitely not a hidden gem. More then likely if you have spent any amount of time digging into the thrash scene you will have heard of the band Vio-Lence.

This album is easily there masterpiece. Eternal Nightmare is a ridiculous moshfest of an album. Every riff, every verse, every solo, every moment is perfect.

There are only 7 songs on the album but all are of a serious length besides Serial Killer. The album starts off with the title track, Eternal Nightmare. It slowly builds up into becoming one of the stronger songs on the album. Serial Killer is a short, sweet, in your face burst of speed. The music on this album is all tightly sewn together.

Nothing feeling out of place. Even the crazy vocals of Sean Killian fit. They are often erratic and speedily spewed out sounding almost like a punk singer. You can sense the in your face attitude this band possesses while listening to this album. Phobophobia continues this thrash masterpiece on its way. Then my personal favorite of the album hits you like a ton of fucking bricks.

Calling In The Coroner is in every way perfect. It is not as speedy as some of the other songs but it is just as heavy and intense with some truelly great lyrics. Continuing the Vio-lent theme of the album. Take It As You Will is about drug addiction. Reaching its pick at around 3 minutes this song continuously keeps you banging your head. This whole album keeps you intrested. Bodies on Bodies is another classic thrasher off this album. Anytime you think that something is going to be overused they switch it up.

And who couldnt live the chanting of "Bodies on Bodies on Bodies on Bodies. After that dose of awesome they hit you with the final assault, Kill On Command. A story of a hitman and his apathy for peoples lives as he kills them. This song consist of some of the strongest riffs on the album. It almost has a familiar feel to Bodies on Bodies. The way it bounces back towards the end. Except this is far more intense.

They obviously knew that they wanted to end this album as strongly as it began and they did a masterful job of doing so.

This is in my opinion a top 5 thrash classic. The music is as lethal as the lyrics. Vio-lence manage to be just as heavy as Slayer without really reminding me of Slayer. There are of course downsides to this album for some.

Killian's vocals definitely arent for everyone. He is wild and erratic and im sure they could have picked a better vocalist for the band.

But i am glad they stuck with him. Definitely one of the more defined voices of the thrash genre. But if you are not a fan of him you probably will not enjoy the album.

Which is a shame to miss out on this 35 minute mass of riffs because of a vocalist. Another downside is the factor that it is only 7 songs. One more song would have been fantastic.

But in a way the 7 songs is ok. Im sure it would not have been as focused if they had to add another song. Every song is perfect and i wouldnt have it any other way. Definitely a masterpiece deserving of the title. Alot has been done in the thrash metal scene sincethe genre arguebly has been created by Metallica in when they relased their debut album, Kill 'Em All in Since then, both that album and their next album, would be important albums to shape up the genre known as thrash.

Metallica, along with Overkill, Exodus, Megadeth, etc. However, none of them quite top the brilliance and perfection known as Eternal Nightmare form a relatively unknown band known as Vio-Lence. It took five years since it's birth in 83 to perfect the genre in one whole album. However, Eternal Nightmare is a thrash classic that has never been topped, nor will it probably ever be toped. This album is thrash metal perfection.

Everything that a true fan of thrash can possibly need is in this album, from the fast and heavy rififng from Rob Flynn himself, to his crazy soloing that not only tops Kerry King's lighting fast picking, but also displays it in a melodic sense without any wankery.

Also add in some lightning fast drumming, and some angry vocals from Sean Killian. While his vocals do take getting used to, especially at the first or second listening, once you get used to his unorthodox style of singing, you realize that he brings alot to the table after all. He can probably go neck to neck with Paul Baloff in terms of Phobophobia - Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare (Cassette. Though, his vocals are generally higher than Paul's.

The production is also very good. The guitars sound very crunchy, which was typical for 80s thrash, but sound nice on here.

The drums and the vocals are mixed in nice as well. The production is kind of on the raw side which is perfect for a thrash album. I can't pick out any real highlights for this album, because every song on here is perfect and flawless.

However, there are some tracks that stand out more than others. All of these songs display a strong sense of fast and heavy riffing along with some insane solos. Phobophobia probably stands out the most, because the main riff is catchy and shit, and demands some headbanging.

About the only thing that I could possibly find worn gwith this album is that at times it does get kind of repetative. However, when you have an album like this, especially when it only has seven songs, it's perfect. You don't need to change a thing about it. As Mr. Boris stated, Oppressing the Masses tried adding more variety, but failed in the end. Vio-Lence is good at being fast and insane, so they should stick to it. If you're a true fan of thrash metal, and don't have this album yet, then your life is absolutely useless.

If you claim to like thrash, and never heard of Vio-Lence, then you really shouldn't be claiming to be a true fan of thrash. If you're still reading this review, and haven't already gone out to at least look for this album, then what the fuck are you waiting for?

It's a pretty rare album to find, especially nowadays, but it's totally worth your hard earned money. Fuck all of those German bands, this is extreme thrash done right!

Here it is, one of Thrash Metal's sacred cows and also one of its finest moments. Vio-lence's debut is highly regarded in almost every Thrash circle alive, and rightfully so. They didn't do anything terribly unique, but they played high-speed, head-bashing Thrash Fucking Metal better than a lot of other bands did, and this is a really cool album.

Things start off in fine form with the fantastic title track, which will shred and thrash your ass apart like a hungry wildebeest in Phobophobia - Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare (Cassette plains of Africa. The first thing you'll notice, perhaps even before the killer guitar tone and even better riff quality, is the vocals of Sean Killian. He has a higher pitched, punkish sort of voice, reminiscent of Bobby Blitz from Overkill, and his singing style is a crazed yammer.

He sounds like he's bouncing off the walls, foaming at the mouth and ready to tear something apart, and despite what the pussies who don't like him might claim, he is perfect for this kind of music.

Even if you don't think he has a good voice, you can't deny that much. The riffs are hard-edged and ballsy as fuck, pretty much exactly what you'd expect from this genre, except there are SO MANY OF THEM just flooding out of the gates and trampling over anyone stupid enough to get in the way.

It's like that scene in Lion King where the beasts trample over Mufasa, except a lot cooler, and much more enjoyable to listen to. The rest of the stuff here gets a bit samey and runs together a bit, but it doesn't deter the quality of Eternal Nightmare one bit. Get this if you like Heavy Metal as a musical genre in the least. So typical I thought.

However, I easily was able to appreciate this album in no time as soon as the kind of ultra shock of the albums aggression left me. Its obvious that this album delivered a kick to the stagnating thrash genre which was coming off a kind of mixed year in terms of releases. This album delivered the blow that should have put the entire scene back on track. Unfortunately labels had gotten wise to thrash, and were capitalizing on its short run in the late 80's.

Thus this album only serves as a monument to what a thrash band with plenty of ideas, riffs, and near flawless execution could do even without touching much new ground, Phobophobia - Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare (Cassette. Onto the highlights for now. Basically the perfect album opener, no sissy horror synth music, just sheer terror inducing riffage. Take It As You Will " is a ripping thrash-tastic ode to drugs. As childish as it is, its amazingly well done, and has doubtless given Machine Head kiddies many a bad night.

Easily one of the better songs here. The production fits the musics intensity perfectly. It just would butcher the value the music had in the first place.

Their is simply nothing wrong with this sharp production job. Vio-Lence also appeared to be incredibly on mark for a debut album, meaning they had an advanced knowledge of what worked and what didn't. The band wrote tons of memorable riffs as well and mixed this approach with memorable song writing and choruses As Boris said you should easily get it by the third listen, or at least the basic sound.

All in all this album sticks to the bare basics, with a shove it down your throat mentality that never slows down.

So in the end I reccomend this album. If you don't like the vocals, just try to ignore them because you'd be missing out on 36 Minutes of screaming over the top, head banging thrash that shoves enough memorable riffs your way to make your ears bleed. Machine Head fanboys be warned, this isn't for pussy "can't take the aggression" groove metal fans.

Overall: Highly Recommended to fans of thrash, and people who want to take a nostalgia trip back to the heyday of thrash. Yep, growled vocals generally suck, I admit it. Most death metal always sounded to me like rather mediocre thrash metal with crappy vocals. I like a dose of extreme music as much as the next metaller, but somewhere along the line, I always felt death metal was the wrong direction for thrash metal to evolve into.

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the direction thrash should have gone! Without a doubt this is the best extreme thrash album ever created. Bonded by Blood? Pah, immature work at best compared to this. Reign in blood? Maybe for a few seconds Slayer approached this intensity. Darkness Descends? Close but no cigar my friends. This album is so far ahead of anything else baring the name of thrash that it puts the shotgun against all other bands heads and slowly pulls the trigger.

In essence I have always felt this album comes from the more Anthrax side of the big four, the slightly anarchic side of things. That is ok. And boy are we talking anarchic. Bollocks to those who call them horrible — especially the death metal fans — This is how extreme metal should be sung — Extremely fast, unintelligibly crazy, and yet managing to keep at least some kind of melody going.

The best extreme thrash metal album ever, all on its own, with no challengers either by the same band or any other. Get it now to witness what extreme metal could have and perhaps should have become. This album is unquestionably the finest music the thrash genre has to offer …yet, though unfortunately, probably ever.

Every song on this album is better than most bands entire discographies. They only require the power of rock, something quite inachievable by most bands it seems. This album is only 7 songs and 35 minutes, yet is has enough riffs to populate a riff planet or fill the Pacific Riff Ocean.

When I try to think of how a specific song starts, I can rarely remember. I can never remember! They take massive musical metaphoric shits all over Yngwie and Petrucci. They pinch gargantuan imaginary loaves on Kerry King and M. Every solo on this album is better than the Angel of Death solo and nearly every riff is better than the AoD riff. That riff and that solo?

Slayer writes over-rated bullshit and a few proficient albums from before I was born. And the lyrics. Nothing thought provoking, nothing super serious, nothing to make you re-examine your life. They are very simple to understand, but they refrain from sound like they were written by a mongoloid two-year-old, Forrest Gump, or Sloth from the Goonies.

Every instrument is played tightly. The only thing on this Phobophobia - Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare (Cassette that has ever been less than desirable to me is the vocals.

Originally, I was a bit set off by them and found the album difficult to enjoy. The third through the fiftieth times all in the first week mind you I found the vocals hilarious. Now however, I can enjoy the vocals to an extent. They fit the music. Are they my favorite thrash vocals? At times, Killian has that proper thrash shouting and he sounds fucking great. Other times, he has that comical insanity tone to him, and, while still fitting, it can occasionally result in uncontrollable bouts of laughter or annoyance.

I no longer consider the vocals a drawback, just a less strong point. Rather than having good and bad parts, they have good and funny parts. The production kicks ass too. Get the two disc version if you can, the live performances are great. Seeing as how only two of those are still possible, Vio-Lence wins. This is deranged, completely deranged. The riffs are lightning fast and insane, the drumming is berserk and chaotic, the bass is loud as hell, the vocals are spastic, and the lyrics are completely maniacal.

Obviously this creates a glorious, deranged, face ripping, relative raping thrash-fest of inconceivable levels.

Vio-lence is surprisingly unknown for such a good thrash band, sure, pretty much everyone who is into thrash metal or Machine Head knows the name. But chances are they haven't heard a second of the godly music that they actually put out.

I myself, am a pretty big fan of early Machine Head, and quite a bit of their newest one. But despite listening to that band for years, all I knew about Robb Flynn's past band was that their vocalist sucked and that they were thrash.

It seems most people tend to miss out on a few little points when mentioning this band, that they happen to be one of the best thrash bands in existence, and that they are fucking fast. This is pretty much thrash perfection, and aims to please the fans of the Exodus, Slayer etc. Vio-lence take this idea on how to play and take it further and create one of the most chaotic albums I've had the honor of hearing. Eternal Nightmare is openly influenced by Slayer, in fact guitarist Phil Demmel openly tells that he re-wrote sections of this album after hearing Reign in Blood, however as others have said, Vio-lence are far better than Slayer.

The riffs of Robert Flynn and Phil Demmel are godly, but are generally of a similar vein, and run the risk of being boring as all the songs are of similar paces. But somehow every single song manages to be addictive and interesting, despite constant similarities.

This is in many ways due to the way in which the band manages to create a sound not dominated by a single instrument. Yes, the guitars are downright godly and stand out due to the sheer riffing perfection, but the bass is loud and the drumming of Perry Strickland is easily comparable to Lombardo's, and is possibly better, giving the album the depth which is needed to remain as timeless as it is. However, the album is not flawless, Dean Dell's bass, which is loud enough for me to hear and notice, doesn't really add much as it simply follows the riffs.

That's no easy task as the riffage here is about as hard as thrash guitar work gets, but it doesn't add to the sound too much. It's not really a negative, it's just not a huge positive. Secondly we have Sean Killian. Some people see Mr Killian as an integral part of the band, and technically, he is, there aren't too many people who can spit out words that quick, and it is the speed of delivery is one thing which saves his annoying voice from ruining the album.

The vocal lines on here are insane and strangely catchy. I personally prefer a deeper voice, but to deliver these speedy vocal lines Album) is needed. In fact, to replace him with a better vocalist would likely change the outlook of the songs, and possibly not for the better.

Also, the soloing is kind of average, it's not bad by any means, but it simply fails to catch the ear above the riffage. Soloing isn't that important anyway, it's the riffs that count here. And the final flaw is the production, which goes a little past raw and into the realms of just plain bad. It is quite thin, which in many ways leaves the solos more hurt than what they should be. Kill On Command. That's where you lay! Phobophobia Restricted patient Or so they say I choose to stay here, phobic fears Nerve endings eaten away I'm out of touch With all in sight Don't close my eyes I fear that death will come collecting tonight Distracted ruins Oh can't you see?

I'm nervous, frightened, tormented by everything You'll never know Just what it's like You can't imagine What's disturbing, what is eating my mind In constant paranoia Keeps me looking over my shoulder I'm hiding 'til the fear is over Running down the street I'll never look to see just what it might be That I fear so much in my life Or in my death Doctor, help me At any cost Please make it go away before I am totally lost Inside a shell and locked away No fear can touch me When I scream, none can hear what I say But is it gone, or did it stay?

My phobophobic thoughts God, will they ever go away? And leave me be, I doubt they will The disease of fear has got me And it's in for the kill The fracture of my mind It will destroy me slowly In the end, I lay there breathless Six feet under, dirt will cover The headstone reads "His was a frantic mind, less human being Destroyed by fear of everything that could be" I've witnessed fear For all it's worth I can't imagine someone causing its own birth The human hell Or so we say But is it fear the only thing that we are prey?

In life, not death Define to me A state of coldness life where I can be free Of mortal choice Burden of life A questioned fate of fear or am I to die? Following this is a song, "Serial Killer" may be only half as long as the one that preceded it, but is nonetheless still a brutal, ripping thrash onslaught that tears the listener's head off and hands it to you. Lightning-fast guitar leads abound throughout this three-minute blitzkrieg -- they fly by so fast that you might not even know what hit you -- as does three screaming, shredding, Slayer-esque solos including one trade-off solo section.

A piercing, screaming, and even kind of melodic and Judas Priest-y solo is tucked into the mix, here, too. Following this comes the first relatively restrained cut of the set, "Calling In The Coroner. The guitars elevate Album) crunch factor to eleven, and chug away with meaty, instantly memorable thrash riffs, pausing only briefly and only to uncork three soaring, shredding solos. Immediately following this, though, Vio-lence then drop another bombshell in the form of "T.

Take It As You Will ," another breakneck attack. The guitars work-up their usual frothing-amount of energy, and whether blazing by or opting for a mid-tempo chugging in a breakdowntheir riffs are always equally memorable. It is another no-holds-barred riff-ola, and even though the guitars again dominate the maelstrom, here, it does feature some more noteworthy and fairly technical bass work.

And, of course, one must not forget to mention the song's vocals - frontman Sean Killian's catchy gang shouts evoke "Among The Living"-era Anthrax. And as if this song weren't fast enough, all bets are completely off for the following set closer, "Kill On Command," a vicious, cut-throat thrasher with unrelenting ferocity that comes in the form of bludgeoning, steamrolling chainsaw picking, pounding drums, grumbling bass, and more memorable gang shout-style vocals.

With the original pressing of "Eternal Nightmare" only growing more and more rare with each passing year, any metal fan will find this reissue to be a very pleasant surprise. Also included, here, is a bonus disc, which is a taping of the "Thrash Of The Titans" reunion concert, a benefit show for the Testament singer Chuck Billy.

Overall, it is one heck of a live set, with the members of Vio-lence sounding hungry and inspired, making their live energy and friction excellent. The live performance is impeccably performed, too, and features a surprisingly deep collection of songs - it even includes a rendition of the demo track, "Paraplegic"!

In the end, though, this bonus disc should be viewed as just that: "A bonus. This one is a little hard to get into, but once it clicks, you may never stop playing it. There's not a slow note on the disc, it's pure thrash from start to finish.

The tricky spot for most people are the vocals. Sean Killian was not a vocalist, he stepped up and sang for his friends, and they went with it. To me, that's part of the value here. It's raw, the way metal was meant to be. Vio-Lence are never gonna get that much recognition, as they were unabashed followers, but I say it's better to perfect an already existing genre than to innovate a mediocre one. No, Vio-Lence aren't one of the very best thrash bands around, but when it comes to just straight up, unrelenting thrash, they're about as good as it gets.

Or, they are at their best. Though the common position is that 'Eternal Nightmare' is their best work, I easily prefer 'Oppressing the Masses'. But this is still a very good, totally worthwhile album.

As far as just being totally driving and energetic, 'Eternal Nightmare' is just about the best thing out there, but it's not as catchy as OtM.

Though it's still got some instantly memorable stuff, specifically 'Calling in the Coroner', 'Kill on Command' and 'Serial Killer'. Lotsa people out there hate Killian, and while he is undeniably about the worst singer ever, from a technical standpoint, I think he totally works with them.

He's just so wild and unhinged, that he's a lotta fun. Futhermore, they use gang vox better than any other thrash band. And, it's not overdone here, production wise, as it is on OtM.

This album isn't much for variety, as it has no ballads and every song is either fast or extremely fast, but this is a method they use better than just about anyone else, and it never seems forced, as it does with many others. This re-issue comes with a live disc, which is totally great, and a fine reminder as to why thrash is the best metal subgenre around. Excellent performance, fabulous production, and a great set list, and all with out adding any to the price.

Even if you have an old copy of this album it's definitely worth getting for the live disc. It's great that their stuff is finally getting to be in print again. Get it.

I saw this band in 88 at a little club in Central NJ called the satellite All I can Say is Badass! Friends still bring it up to this Day!!! Came in perfectly intact. Awesome album to add to any headbangers metal collection. Cd played great without problems.

Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare music CD album at CD Universe, Vio-Lence, Eternal Nightmare, enjoy top rated service and worldwide shipping. Phobophobia [Different Version] 9: Bodies On Bodies [Different Version] i wore out my cassette tape and am happy this album finally came out on cd. the music crunches and the band sounds tight. Eternal Nightmare, Serial Killer, Phobophobia, Calling In The Coroner, T.D.S. (Take It As You Will), Bodies On Bodies, Kill On Command. Jun 23,  · Eternal Nightmare is the debut album by the San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Vio-lence. It was released originally in on MCA Records' Mechanix sublabel. A limited 10" promo single was /5(63). Les membres de Vio-Lence l'ignoraient sûrement, mais la sortie d'Eternal Nightmare allait griller toute la suite de leur carrière, en raison de la promo lamentable de Mechanic Records, mais surtout parce qu'il leur serait impossible de sortir un autre album aussi mortel (bien qu'Oppressing the Masses n'en soit pas très loin). Le groupe est tombé dans l'oubli à la fin des années 90, il n. Phobophobia This song is by Vio-Lence and appears on the album Eternal Nightmare (). Eternal Nightmare is an excellently written and pummeling thrash album that easily loses itself to the madness of speed and could be classic if only the very fastest riffs were a bit better defined and the vocalist had more force, depth, range, or rhythm. The praise it . Indeed, bands like Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Testament being only a handful of bands that Vio-lence had to go up against. (And yes, granted, every one of those bands in the above list were better than Flynn and the Gang.) Regardless, when taken for what it is, Vio-lence's debut, 's "Eternal Nightmare," is still a very enjoyable record/5(68). 1. Eternal Nightmare Reality slipping and your mind is caving in Submitting to the web that you constantly spin It's over the edge with the straightjacket on It's dragging you down to the world you belong The hell in your mind that you will always see A nightmare of terror, planted eternally Dead space in your head, there can be no escape. Vio-Lence Eternal Nightmare cassette tape in case rare tested works. $ Free shipping. Watch. Boogie Down Productions - Sex And Violence (Cassette Tape) $ $ shipping. Album. EP. Single. Not Specified. Artist. see all. Vio-lence Filter Applied. Edition. see all. Guaranteed Delivery. see all. No Preference. 1 Day Shipping. Listen to your favorite songs from Eternal Nightmare by Vio-lence Now. Stream ad-free with Amazon Music Unlimited on mobile, desktop, and tablet. Download our mobile app now.


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  1. Apr 10,  · referencing Eternal Nightmare, CD, Album, MCAD No-one will claim that this was ground-breaking stuff, but it is definitely one of the best albums of its genre. The singer's much-criticised voice is definitely an acquired taste (though I quite like it); and, as one would expect from thrash metal, the lyrics were never going to worry the /5().
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    Phobophobia Lyrics: Restricted patient / Or so they say / I choose to stay here, phobic fears / Nerve endings eaten away / I'm out of touch / With all in sight / Don't close my eyes / I fear that.
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    Jan 23,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Eternal Nightmare on Discogs. Label: Mechanic Records - MCAD • Format: CD Album • Country: US • Genre: Rock • Style: Thrash, Speed Metal/5(33).
  4. Apr 27,  · Intense, Infectious, Fast, Extreme, Violent, This album has everything that can be request for a thrash maniac fan, this is a riff after riff violent thrash attack, the fast-paced riffage and the breakdowns are perfectly combined, every song on here is /5(72).
  5. Eternal Nightmare is the debut album by the San Francisco Bay Area thrash metal band Vio-lence. It was released originally in on MCA Records ' Mechanix Thrash metal.
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    from the album ETERNAL NIGHTMARE. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue.
  7. 1. Eternal Nightmare Reality slipping and your mind is caving in Submitting to the web that you constantly spin It's over the edge with the straightjacket on It's dragging you down to the world you belong The hell in your mind that you will always see A nightmare of terror, planted eternally Dead space in your head, there can be no escape.
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