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This is a no-brainer if you enjoy pure Norse black metal with some provocative titles and lyrics. There are no gimmicks to be had, the mix of the album is straightforward and works perfectly for the genre.

This is not an original album by any means, and it's not trying to be; but they're keeping faith in the darkness and have produced a beast of an effort. Labels:black metalnorwaysarkomwin. Monday, November 17, Perversity Rites - Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD) of War 2 Focused around a fast-paced cover system and exaggerated machismo, Gears 1 kept things visceral, most notably with the chainsaw-equipped guns used to render enemies into juicy piles of flesh.

The story was cliche and plain, providing a loose motivation for the gameplay that never got in the way. Aside from an irritating vehicle level, the campaign for Gears 1 was a consistently engaging path of destruction through waves of enemies. Conversely, the multiplayer was poorly thought out and skewed to the host, causing it to grow stale quickly.

As you might expect, Gears of War 2 goes the Hollywood route of trying to expand every aspect. The graphics are prettier, the levels and enemies are bigger, the story has been filled out, and there are more characters and weapons. Sadly, the Hollywood blockbuster sequel analogy works all too well, in that Gears 2 dilutes everything that was good about the original. But before I get into that, let's see what did turn out good.

The graphics are pretty, damn pretty. Some of the areas and enemies are gorgeous to look at, especially the outdoor scenes.

Most of them are just copy-pasted rock and rubble sections or temple-esque buildings. Gone is the feel of fighting in the abandoned streets of your home, replaced by the feel of fighting in a bunch of really boring tunnels.

There's strangely no sense of immersion to the levels. Although they can be stunning to look at, I never felt like I was really fighting in the burning ruins of a city or a cave full of luminescent fungi. This is partially from being whisked through each area and encounter, but it really comes down to the fact that the actual fights are never in these beautiful areas. Whether it's due to technical limitations or to help enemy visibility, or even because you mostly fight in underground locations, the encounters are always behind the same old rocky walls and pillars.

Ok, so how about the gameplay? Gears 2 sticks closely to the original, with only slight tweaks to the formula. Yet, somehow, it fails to be engaging or entertaining at all. I played on Hardcore, the hardest starting difficulty, and felt absolutely no challenge or thrill from the fights. A large part of the blame for this lies in the level design. Almost all encounters in Gears 2 are linear and rarely allow for flanking or any tactics more interesting than moving to the next closest source of cover.

There is a strange feeling that the fights were made easy and simple to keep players moving, constantly encountering new situations.

On top of this, Gears 2 has a large focus on "epic" encounters with large enemies, which means that you'll often be fighting from one platform or another using the scripted heavy weapon to defeat these behemoths. Slightly entertaining at first, these scenarios lose all impact after you've killed your tenth Brumak with all the care of an annoying fly.

Oh, and remember the stupid vehicle section from the first game? Epic are proud to say they've addressed that by doing it even more, albeit making these sections as unchallenging as the rest of the game. If that isn't enough, they had to go and force a "deeper" story into the game every five minutes.

Every quick fight is capped off by a banal cut-scene or transmission. Rather than keeping the story unobtrusive, Gears 2 takes it upon itself to pretend it's important and meaningful. Be prepared to see Dom's softer side, which is about as involving as internet fanfic. It gets especially laughable when pivotal plot moments are essentially forgotten a cut-scene later. Marcus is thankfully more or less the same, never wasting time going beyond his hardened soldier routine, while new cliches Tai and Dizzy add absolutely nothing to the story.

Now, you really wouldn't expect this to be that big of a hangup. It's a war-themed shooter based around testosterone and cliches, who the fuck cares, right? The problem comes in that it disrupts the gameplay too frequently.

When the gameplay is already ephemeral enough, it doesn't help matters to break it up with mind-numbing story points. As far as the campaign is considered, I give it an epic fail. There were only a couple fights near the end that I actually enjoyed, and I would never consider playing through it again unless I was extremely bored. Even Halo 3's campaign was far more entertaining than this.

But we can't forget multiplayer, and this is where the meat lies. The online gameplay has been tweaked to make for a more tactical flow, including the ability to plant grenade mines and stopping power for weapons to cut down on the roll-and-shotgun gameplay that rose out of Gears 1.

Once XBOX Live irons its problems out, this should be a rewarding mode to keep the game entertaining. However, the real joy of Gears 2 is the Horde mode.

This tasks a group of teammates up to 5 people to survive for as long as possible against increasingly difficult waves of enemies. Here, new additions like the portable shield and mortar rise to their full potential, becoming necessary for keeping down the relentless Horde. This mode alone makes the game worth getting, albeit maybe not until it's cheaper.

Many people, gamers and reviewers alike, seem to express opinions far different from mine, yet Perversity Rites - Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD) found Gears of War 2 to be a huge disappointment. However, if you're looking for a worthwhile new multiplayer game to sink into, you should check it out. Fable 2 There's a lot to be said about Peter Molyneux's latest baby, Fable 2.

I'll start with the good things. The meat of the Fable 2 is combat, plain and simple. Fortunately, combat in Fable 2 is actually quite fun. It almost feels like a Devil May Cry-lite, with surprisingly tight controls and highly enjoyable thwacks and bangs. To get the most out of the experience, you'll want to play a balanced character, which is good, because the game basically forces you down this path anyway.

Headshotting Hollow Men with a flintlock pistol is a glorious thing, and combat is really the saving grace of the entire experience. For all the speculation and pre-release hatred that the Dog was given, your Dog is fucking cool. It's great to put on an eyepatch and see your little pup grow a black patch of fur over their eye.

It's even cooler when your pup limps around after taking some hits in battle and you feel a twang of pain in your heart, cursing the shitty "expression wheel" control scheme as you try and dig out your magical "heals all dog wounds forever" potion. You really and truly grow to love the dog in Fable 2Molyneux wasn't blowing smoke on this at all.

While I would've liked to see the dog morph a bit more, like your character, and maybe even adapt it's breed to match your ethos, it's a bit like asking for gold-flaked sprinkles on your already delicious sundae. On the more average tilt, the "social" aspects of Fable 2 are pretty much as uninteresting as they were in the first game, Perversity Rites - Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD).

Yes, having a wife that you can fuck and produce offspring with is fairly amusing for a few moments, but that's really all there is to it. Villagers crowd around to watch you fart, or dance, or whatever, and you can choose to invest in property or businesses to produce some income every few minutes. I'm not really sure what the supposed point is of all this, because I never found one in all my time with this game. I suppose it makes for some good forum posts and it's a novel way to expand upon gameplay options, but it's just not nearly as interesting or rewarding as the combat.

Being a Lionhead game, Fable 2 has it's share of bugs ranging from the eyebrow-raising to the controller-tossing. Reports of broken quests, broken saves, and all manner of progress-blocking interface weirdness flood the internet, and although I didn't personally experience anything game breaking, I did cock my head a bit every time my wife would look at me with her big, whore eyes and say "Oh, I love you so much" and follow it up with an immediate declaration of "You murderer!

I'll never forgive you! It's a generic revenge tale with some highly predictable elements and some less-than-stellar delivery and pacing. The truly odd thing about the story is that Fable 2 will definitely make you feel emotion in ways that other games with far better story and delivery can't.

It's almost like reading a children's book that you've read a dozen times already. You know where it's been and where it's going, but there are still some great moments buried in there. Unfortunately, there are also still plenty of moments that fall flat on their faces. Some, like the ending sare too significant to be forgiven.

Also on the list of detriments, the art style is still mostly uninspired and bland, and there just aren't enough cool hats or other clothing for your character. The co-op is so feature-starved - lacking even independent camera control and the ability to play your own hero for the second player - that I can't in good conscience recommend it to anyone. Ignore the pre-release claims of Fable 2 being accessible to non-gamers; it's not, at all.

The combat can be very frustrating to beginners, and the interface is so obtuse and flat out crappy that only a console RPG player could use it. Even then, those of us raised on the NES-era menus will stumble from time to time. There isn't a whole lot to say from a metal standpoint about Fableunfortunately. I played through the first time as evil as I possibly could, sacrificing peasants and even a few spouses to the Temple of Darkness, or whatever it is. The unfortunate thing is that the "evil" elements, at least for the player, are played off as laughably silly.

You gain entrance by eating crispy chicks, fried chicken nuggets. You sacrifice your victims with a giant spinning wheel that determines their method of death. You get the idea. Lionhead never really seems to nail "evil" in this game except for the portrayal of some of the villains.

Note: some. Despite playing through the entire game as a murdering, thieving shitbag, I never really felt like a villain. I would love to see future installments get downright satanic, but I doubt it will ever happen.

Fable 2 is a conundrum. This review has turned up far more criticism than praise, and yet I really liked it. Each and every time I played it, I was having so much fun that I could easily ignore it's flaws, and yet when I wasn't playing, the flaws were all I could think of. Fortunately for me, I kept coming back for more and rarely stopped to reflect on the holes in the experience.

I would be remiss not to deduct some points, though, for the awful co-op implementation and the miserable story. All in all, Fable 2 is a good game with hints of both greatness and mediocrity, and so I do bestow a "win" upon it. Posted by hero imprisoned at AM No Perversity Rites - Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD). Scott project was a bleak and wonderfully or should I say horrifically realized effort of blackened Northwestern doom, drone, ambient, and a dash of folk.

A breath of fresh air, regardless of how much carrion is carried on the scent. A Feral Spirit is another meditative journey into the grim face of nature, as wholly American as it is disturbing. A terrifying track, yet it breaks for some scintillating guitars after the halfway point. In the end I enjoyed this more than the debut. While that was a pretty colossal effort, this feels slightly more fleshed out and I truly enjoyed the diversity within.

It's a beautiful record from start to finish, a hypnotism that is guaranteed to steer your mind to places of longing, into the empty wilderness of both the physical and cerebral world. There is not much else out there like this, it's very much worth owning if you are a fan of any of its musical components.

One of the most unique and entrancing 'metal' entities in the US today. Labels:ambientblack metalblood of the black owldoom metalEpic WinexperimentalfolkUSA.

Candlemass - Nightfall Few bands can truly conjure despair through their music. But against all odds, Sweden's premiere gothic doom outfit, beneath the operatic vocals of Messiah Marcolin and the superb songwriting of Leif Edling, were one of the first bands to succeed. Inyou didn't have today's widespread genres of drone, doom, funeral doom, and the like.

Vitusand a few other founders and contemporaries. The Candlemass sound embraces the heavier riffing style of Tony Iommi "Symptom of the Universe", etc and marries it with gothic lyrics of hopelessness. Nightfall is their masterpiece, a flawless slab of crushing sadness drenched in Edling's archaic Christian lyrics. Immediately, the 'Mad Monk' Messiahs Marcolin's vocals offered a distinct alternative to basically ALL other metal music of the period with their operatic power, Perversity Rites - Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD).

Yet these aren't calling at you from a theater balcony, but the walls of an abandoned castle, a decaying Medieval cathedral, or a roadside shrine in the Plague Years. The instrumental "Codex Gigas" follows with its gorgeous gothic dirge, and after that comes one of the greatest doom songs ever written, one of the greatest METAL songs ever written. When I first heard this song I was instantly hooked I had picked up the single before the full-length.

Marcolin's vocal line during the chorus is haunting, and the brief lead section near the close of the song is excellent. Chopin's "March Funebre" is covered with keyboards and guitars, and then the somewhat faster paced, groovy "Dark are the Veils of Death". The last vocal track on the album is "Bewitched", one of their more popular numbers.

The mix of the album was pretty much perfect for its day and it still sounds great to these ears. The band was a class act. This isn't a style of music where one expects any manner of virtuosity, but riff for riff it's one of the best albums of its type to date, if not THE best.

The songs are perfect, even the instrumentals which may come off a little sappy. I hold the album as the standard for epic, crushing gothic metal, and the band's influence is still heard today as a landmark between Sabbath and most modern European doom.

Labels:candlemassdoom metalEpic Wingothic metalsweden. The one man goes by the name Daemonskald and delivers slow rocking, but consistently intriguing folk metal. It is a genre that is probably past the point of overdone but we don't get a whole lot of metal from Canada so give him a chance will you? The rhythms get more interesting from there and occasionally give way to solid acoustic work.

The lyrics are viking in nature, probably derivative, but are somewhat interesting, and Daemonskald delivers them in a variety of vocal styles. He has a distinct voice and I thought there might be multiple singers at work the first time I heard it.

That is, not bad, but skippable when you want to get to the meat of the album. Still they each feature a number of interesting segments and so you have to listen through to get a gist for the song.

Opening with a fast acoustic riff, the heavy guitars kick in, then give way to his most echo-y full singing yet. Daemonskald hits the high notes here and should elicit at least a head nod from even the most anti-scene scenester. If he plays around with this sound more on his next album, breaking up the more monotonous parts with a little power and speed, we might have an Epic Win on our hands. For now he's at least worth checking out. Posted by Kiel at PM No comments:. Labels:canadafolk metalsig ar tyrsig:ar:tyrViking metalwin.

The latest onslaught to sign to Unique Leader, Infected Disarray are another in a series of super guttural, punchy chug chug brutal death metal bands.

They have a sound so busy it almost comes across as messy, characterized by thick bass and insanely low register grunts, punctuated by some technical guitars. The band has members of Detrimentum and a former drummer of Gorerotted. This is one of those bands who are enamored of the long song titles, kind of like early Carcass or Demilich. Because it is. I didn't wind up getting into the material much. It's sufficiently brutal that I'd want to just walk up to and punch someone in the face, but lacks much in the way Perversity Rites - Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD) distinct riffing and songwriting.

Most of the tracks felt interchangeable and sloppy. Before it sounds like I am trying to totally slag the record, I'm not. There are a few moments of such swollen intensity that I found myself actually getting into it. I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as the new Deeds of Flesh or Severed Saviorbut the style is comparable.

Make no mistake about it, if you like highly guttural slamming death metal with no concern for catchy riffs, but for sheer violent brutality, you'll feel right at home with Disseminating Obscenity. Buy this from Unique Leader when it drops in a few months. Otherwise, it may not be your extreme cup of tea. I should also point out this promo version of the album is missing some of the songs on its track list.

So I should come across them, and they turn out better than the rest of the tracks, I will devour my own intestinal tract and update this review. How DO some of these CDs get out so early, anyway? It's gotta be the band. Also, I think the cover art is pretty well done. Labels:death metalIndifferenceinfected disarrayuk. The second album by The Moon And The Nightspirita Hungarian folk band, features lyrics entirely in Hungarian, dealing with subjects like nature, spirits and other pagan concepts.

The music features a large variety of ethnic instruments, and Agnes provides an absolutely beautiful vocal performance. This keeps the album interesting, without feeling disconnected, or any of the songs feeling too much out of place.

The band has also been very wise with their use of instruments, as with an abundance of folk instruments, they never go overboard with them. Some folk bands do not show this restraint. The music throughout the album is relatively slow and tranquil, but dynamic enough to keep the listener interested. The songs are simply beautiful, and something about them speaks to the small primal piece deep inside, that embraces nature and times long past.

Posted by Rhan at AM No comments:. Ice Ages - Buried Silence Buried Silence is most effective when played as an ambient piece, and not scrutinized song by song. Indeed, comparing the individual songs leads to the eventual conclusion that a lot of the material on the album sounds very similar, with a distinct lack of highs and lows. This may make listening the album a relatively monotonous experience. Blastphemous Sindecade. Format: Audio CD. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions Price.

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November 7th,pm. Ni siquiera un poco Cunningham y su obra de ! Mejor me quedo con la duda Introtionis amante del buen cine November 5th,pm. Eso no se descubre muy seguido. Ignoro si el deceso prematuro de tal proyecto tuvo que ver con diferencias personales o musicales.

Todo se reduce, como siempre, a la perspectiva aplicada Muy buen latigazo dedicado al odio Por algo suceden las cosas

GORTAL "Blastphemous Sindecade" (Pagan) Insight Perversity Rites Black-Purest-Desecration Forgotten Writing Unleash Hell. Nov 30,  · Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade () After a slew of demos in the 21st century, Poland's Gortal arrives with its first full-length album, an extreme affair with an inhuman bombardment of drumming, yet the same emphasis on songwriting which ties them to their countrymen and separates them from the majority of dull, brutal bands everywhere. Richard Maurice Barnett (born: October 16, [age 32]), better known online as BlastphamousHD TV (usually abbreviated to BHD), is an American YouTube reactor, vlogger, commentator and gamer. Born in Compton, California on October 16, , Barnett described much of his childhood in videos on his gaming channel called BHD Storytime. At one point in his life, he lived in Cleveland, Ohio. He. GORTAL Underground lo-fi Songs CSSBA BLASPHEMY RITES Kry HELLVETO Kry Blastphemous Sindecade GORTAL Nightrealm Apocalypse SATHANAS Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis). Antes de dar mis razones de por qué esta joya de joyas es el CD # 1 del ya expirante , debo de poner en el aire la idea de lo que son quince años, desde distintas panorámicas: como lapso temporal, son toda una vida; como lo que un recurso o proceso debe de aguardar para llegar a su total crecimiento o perfeccionamiento, es simplemente lo. Blastphemous Sindecade by GORTAL, released 24 February 1. Insight (Intro) 2. Perversity Rites 3. Black-Purest-Desecration 4. Forgotten Writing 5. Unleash Hell 6. Deathamation 7. Buy Compact Disc $9 USD or more Send as Gift Full Digital Discography. GORTAL - Blastphemous Sindecade (CD) $ [More Details] GRAVEWURM - Funeral Empire (CD) $ [More Details] HAEMORRHAGE - Anatomical Inferno (12" DOUBLE LP) $ [More Details] HALF GORILLA - Shameless Beasts (7" EP) $ [More Details] IMMOLATION - Dawn Of Possession (DIGIPAK CD) $ [More Details]. Apr 17,  · Gortal "Blastphemous Sindecade" PAGAN NO Gospel Of The Future "The Eclipse" digi EPIDEMIE YES Grimness 69 "illHeavenHells" XTREEM NO Guardian "Live At Cornerstone " MILLENIUM EIGHT REC. NO Guido Campiglio "Saturn" SG RECORDS NO Guido Campiglio "Rumble In The Jungle" SG RECORDS NO Gun Shy "After Dark" PERRIS NO Hagl "Irminsul" CASUS BELLICA NO. GORTAL. GORTAL pracuje nad nowymi numerami z myślą o swoim drugim dużym albumie. Tytułu roboczego płyty jeszcze nie ma. Nowe numery są brutalniejsze, bardziej zróżnicowane, lepiej zaaranżowane, ale oczywiście osadzone w wypracowanej stylistyce znanej z "Blastphemous Sindecade". Płyta będzie gotowa w r. Gomorrha- Sexual Perversity By Autopsy CD on Nice To Eat You Rec $ Gortal- Blastphemous Sindecade CD on Pagan Rec. $ Gortal- Deamonolith CD on Pagan Rec. $ Gortuary- Awakening Pestilent Beings CD on Amputated Vein Rec. $ Previous; Page 26 of


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  2. GORTAL "Blastphemous Sindecade" (Pagan) Insight Perversity Rites Black-Purest-Desecration Forgotten Writing Unleash Hell.
  3. Blastphemous Sindecade by GORTAL, released 24 February 1. Insight (Intro) 2. Perversity Rites 3. Black-Purest-Desecration 4. Forgotten Writing 5. Unleash Hell 6. Deathamation 7. Buy Compact Disc $9 USD or more Send as Gift Full Digital Discography.
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  5. Recording information: Recorded,mixed and mastered at Tone Industria Studio, Remastered at Serakos Studio. Identifiers: Barcode: 5
  6. Download Gortal - Blastphemous Sindecade () FLAC [Fallen Angel] Torrent.
  7. GORTAL Underground lo-fi Songs CSSBA BLASPHEMY RITES Kry HELLVETO Kry Blastphemous Sindecade GORTAL Nightrealm Apocalypse SATHANAS Ritualistic Plague (Evangelical Death Apotheosis).
  8. Productions) CD Wine of Fornication. NECROVOMIT Demo #1 (wydanie własne) Demo CD 4. Morbid Affliction. GORTAL „Blastphemous Sindecade ” (Pagan Records) CD 1. Insight 2. Perversity Rites 3. Black-Purest-Desecration.
  9. Richard Maurice Barnett (born: October 16, [age 32]), better known online as BlastphamousHD TV (usually abbreviated to BHD), is an American YouTube reactor, vlogger, commentator and gamer. Born in Compton, California on October 16, , Barnett described much of his childhood in videos on his gaming channel called BHD Storytime. At one point in his life, he lived in Cleveland, Ohio. He.

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