Beats Employed - Tennant* / Barabash* / Lewis* - Oldsmobile (Vinyl) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

If there had been more to work with, the sweeter mix may have worked, but the tracks were just too raw. So we used this version, and the engineer asked his name be taken off the mixing credit, but I love it as Beats Employed - Tennant* / Barabash* / Lewis* - Oldsmobile (Vinyl).

This just does not fit anywhere. DB sensed that Springsteen was a major new talent well ahead of the curve. I imagine David thought Bruce would become the new Lou Reed - not an unreasonable conclusion, based on the first couple of records. Obviously Bruce took a different turn.

God bless the 8 track. There's an app we need; one that inserts 8-track style breaks in our mp3s! Conversely, new listeners would find material that felt like familiar friends, even as they were hearing them for the first time. And of course, it brings closure to the decade with the death of Major Tom.

Maybe his best song, it completely defies conventional song structure, but is incredibly satisfying. This felt shockingly contemporary and the structure is pretty traditional. It seemed like it would go down well with the newbies. Plus great guitar stuff. German version as I was hoping to steer clear of multiple versions of the same song on the parent album not always an attainable goal.

Also, it probably goes without saying that flow from song to song was a consideration. But there, I said it anyway. I would've included the studio version, but again, I think this smokes it, in terms of intensity. It spoke to Bowie's break from tradition, and to the quality of the source album. Again, what I consider a superior live interpretation, especially the second half.

Just an amazing track. One of his best vocal performances too. Great track of course, but Scary Monsters is full of them. I liked how the lyrics explore looking at history and moving forward at the same time, yet in a comforting way. Plus Fripp. I like Tom Verlaine and Bowie acknowledging the Television frontman and therefore early NYC punk felt like an important connection to make. Because coming back to Major Tom is the perfect circle. I lobbied to license the original version of Cat People and Under Pressure because I love them both so much but it seemed unlikely given our deadlines.

In retrospect I'm happier they landed on the Singles collection than here. The box itself, the booklet design, and then, in a unique opportunity we had in that brief window when it looked like CD-V might be a thing, a music video. Bowie was of course lauded for his music videos. But, while the earlier videos were groundbreaking and he looks great, was the height of MTV and compared to the multi-million dollar productions by lesser talents ranging from Michael Jackson and Poison, they looked clunky.

Since you needed a laserdisc to watch it, I doubt many did, anyway — but Ryko was always about early adoption of technology and we had no idea if the format was going to thrive or survive. In a way that review is a precursor to this post; the motivation behind the choices for the box set track list. Wikipedia entry regarding the content of the box:.

This box set was originally conceived in as less of a comprehensive career retrospective than as a "teaser" for the then-upcoming Rykodisc CD reissue campaign covering Bowie's output from to Conversely, some rarities were reserved exclusively for the Rykodisc re-releases and do not appear in this release. Seriously, fuck whoever wrote that. Plus, I'm pretty sure it doesn't meet Wikipedia's standards for documentation as it's pure conjecture.

Why do people automatically assume the box or any box should be a greatest hits set, or worse, that it was designed to appear deceptively as a greatest hits set? Because some versions of his hits are alternate versions?

We never marketed it as a hits collection, we never implied that was our intention, and it certainly was not. Remember, we were compilation averse - fans had enough of cheap, cash-in RCA comps. This would hopefully bring in new fans, who were, in many cases, in diapers when he was taking off.

I wanted them to digest and understand the myth of Bowie and his discography. CD was still relatively new at that point; besides the obvious, music fans bought CDs including box sets because the format re-energized the marketplace; so much great music was being reissued — every week, worthy recordings that had been out of print for a decade or more were flooding back into stores. It was an amazing era of rediscovery. Bowie had superstar status in Europe and much of the rest of the world. Stateside, untilBowie was a large-ish cult artist with a few hits.

For example, consider this; I was 26 years old in Well, who cares, you may ask? I was too young; I missed it. Lots of people missed it, only because of when they were born. Loved them. Both songs got some mainstream airplay, but he was already done with RCA, and looking forward. They were teens. I realize that may read as a harsh evaluation and outside of the US, possibly an unimaginable onebut the always self-aware Bowie was unbeknownst to us reinventing himself as a member of a stripped-down rock band.

Rumors said the EMI relationship that had started with so much promise was now soured. Promoting the undeniable greatness of the RCA period was pure myth-building; it put the focus on the years of innovation just as he returned to a pure rock band format, recalling, at least in theory, the Ziggy years. The guy is a genius, on many levels — including manipulation of his history.

EMI seemed to be feigning their enthusiasm for Tin Machine, in my view, anyway. My goal was to curate an extremely listenable box that sampled roughly equally from each album, showing that there was more to Bowie than the better-known; that there was progression, innovation and delightful surprises to be had from any of his records — even the ones that had been ignored — even the live albums. And we really wanted it to be cutting edge; worthy of Bowie - both in terms of presentation and content — hence the directive from President Don Rose to spare not expense.

All of these components not only made the box better, but they made it more difficult and costly to manufacture, which drove up the price. And it all started with the tracklist. When I listen to it today, I still think it holds up. We wanted the box to have a compelling track list, a beautiful presentation, and state of the art sound. Dream on — nothing with Bowie is ever as simple as it seems. Without reservation I again assure you, with the technology available at the time, we got the most true reproductions of those tapes as we could.

In other words, we tried very hard to give you the same listening experience Bowie, his producers and engineers had listening to playback in the studio. Whatever works for you, but remember this is pure opinion. These are the tapes I mentioned seeing in the New Jersey vault, labeled as cassette masters, and referred to as CD sources in the catalog of materials I got from Isolar. The engineer goes on to say they sourced other tapes from the UK for their masters, and that these were better sources.

But at the same time the engineer states that all of the Bowie materials had to be sourced from the US as Bowie was signed through the US office. It sounds these RCA engineers went off the reservation in an effort to do the best job they could. There are sites where sound quality is debated incessantly and matters of opinion are stated as fact with frightening regularity and a beyond-startling level of surety.

Memory is so much more important than we give it credit for. When Toby Mountain at his Northeastern Digital lab remastered some of the Bowie titles using 20 bit for the AU20 Gold series in the mid's the technology and understanding of digital remastering had evolved, and Toby felt the sonic improvements were significant for most of those titles.

I can assure you the Ryko Bowie CDs were When we released the whole album later, it was from analog unmastered 2 tracks. That pure un-eq'd starting point alone will have a drastic affect on how you perceive the recording if you've been listening to EQ'd versions for years. The only way you'll ever know how true they are to the original mixing and studio engineering choices is if you get to hear the original two-tracks or even the multi-tracks.

Good luck! That said, please don't let stressing about these tweaks get in the way of enjoying the music! Of course, your mileage may vary, but I feel like we got all we could out of the master tapes and a LOT of effort was put into that job. We absolutely switched out the Changes master to the AU20 version, partially to get "Fame '90" off and the hit version of "Fame" on. Not sure if anyone has ever tested them to see if later silver Ryko Hunky CDs utilize the AU20, but this post may start a new easter egg hunt.

Not that this should have any impact on your preference, but I know Bowie himself listened to and approved our original remasters - and he liked them a lot. So much so, that after the deal expired his office would call and ask if we had any copies left, as he preferred ours to the EMI issues. They sounded compressed and a bit screechy to me. No-one was expecting this, right? That's not exactly true; right when this came out two very nice catalog reissue websites each offered to post it when I finished it.

Unfortunately, I was nearly done when I had to abandon the review. Well, as the title says, it was days ago when "Nothing Has Changed" was released. The sites passed when I finally finished it, and I can hardly blame them.

I think the extra time helped the thoughts I was having then crystalized over time, so that's a bonus. On the other hand, this may be the thing that stops readers from reading the site, so if I alienate any of you, my apologies in advance.

I am nothing if not honest and opinionated. This seems like the very definition of a contradiction. I am open to accepting tracks can be improved by post-origination tampering, but only a few here meet that criteria. So what is the intent behind this set? I have a theory and it is only a theory.

The two and one disc versions are far less interesting and all feature material culled from the 3 disc version, with no additional tracks. Surely distilling fifty years of music to a measly three CDs would yield nothing but classics? If only. Yes, that sounds extremely cynical, but the proof is in the ones and zeroes.

Furthermore, his voice or is it his delivery? A wise man once noted that how you navigate through something is intrinsic to your understanding of it — for instance, if you watch the infamous video of the Rodney King beating backwards it looks like the cops are helping King onto his feet and sending him on his way. This kind of perverse time-bending seems like something Bowie would enjoy tinkering with.

Haunting, simple, impeccably arranged and sung in a voice that perfectly suits the subject matter, it made me over-ly optimistic about the album it preceded. Best left alone. Then Maurice De Vries shows up and all of a sudden, this listener perks up!

It should be on every Bowie and Queen compilation and probably every compilation ever. The Berlin records feel under-served. Making an album a year seems like a good idea says the guy who can barely update his own website monthly. This is pedestrian work from someone we expect so much from, but early work rarely is fully-formed. And this is quite possibly the point of the set in the first place; the life of an artist itself; artists start out on shaky legs, attempting to emulate their heroes and naively share their own early life experiences.

And inevitably the true artist grows older, wearier, maybe less energetic but still seeking, thinking, exploring, and most importantly, creating. Putting compilations together properly is all about having a viewpoint and making choices that illustrate your position. Consider this choice; if you could own only one Bowie record single or album, no cheating with compilations! Older, sure. On one hand, almost all of these tracks were out in the world already, so what does it matter if they are collected here?

I am only theorizing about the point of this thing. Or maybe someone threw a tracklist in front of him and he rubber-stamped it. Who knows? The mystery just makes it more fun to speculate. A year ago, almost to the day of the 25th Anniversary, Rhino Records pooped out an even more squished down version of the expanded version EMI released in with little fanfare a year later, Amazon doesn't even sell it themselves, preferring to let 3rd party suppliers handle it.

There are no bonus tracks appended to the albums, instead Five Years comes with Re:Call 1 an exclusive two disc compilation of non-album singles, single versions and B-sides. And of course they missed stuff, too. In honor of all these "events" I will be updating the site with three loooong - and long overdue Bowie posts this weekend, starting tonight.

I will have another post within a week — promise! This saved a ton of time and kept me relatively sane. There were hundreds of tapes in what seemed like just as many formats.

In this case, DAT —a relatively new, and now completely irrelevant, format. Because there were often multiple copies of tapes of each album, Toby and his team were taking copious notes as they ran the flat transfers. If they found something that was particularly interesting or Beats Employed - Tennant* / Barabash* / Lewis* - Oldsmobile (Vinyl), that was annotated as well. With rare exception, the tapes were labeled, but we had no idea if anyone had actually made sure the tape inside the box matched the description on the outside.

Some tapes were in very rough shape. But, if improperly stored, the fragile tapes start to break down. It was terrifying to open a box and see little bits of dark tape fall out. There are sometimes ways to rescue these tapes. At the time, one of newest developments was baking the tapes.

This is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. You have to very carefully put the failing tapes into an oven, and hope the shredding oxide cooks itself back onto the plastic. It sometimes works with great results. We made every effort to breathe life back into the 16 track masters for those, but they were lost.

For the multitracks they did quick mixes on the fly, some of which ended up being used, even when there were second attempts to mix them with more care — the earlier roughs just sounded better. They would send me a blue folder with a DAT in one packet and bound in copies of the covers of each tape box.

They were still sharing ownership or at least participation in the profits of all the records from Space Oddity to Station To Station. I was so intimidated by legends of DeFries' ferocity that I kept a cropped version of this picture encompassing just Tony's head and redonkulous afro on my desk so that whenever he'd call, I could look at it and realize he was not someone I should feel intimidated by.

It worked quite nicely. There were no multi-tracks of Station To Station and beyond sessions, and virtually no extra tracks for any of those records. Probably feeling his finances were being looked after, Bowie may have had a serious re-think about his spending once the expensive Diamond Dogs tour ended and the cracks in his relationship with DeFries started to show.

There were recordings missing from the early years, too, but in general I found much of what I was looking for in the vault. So I had to get a three CD track list together, come up with a stunning, revolutionary package, appease David Bowie and my bosses, but especially the fans — and I only had about a month to do it. Thanks for your e-mails with kind words and questions. When you think of a vault holding such precious materials despite it being in New Jersey what comes to mind is a high-tech, climate-controlled facility under very secure guard.

This was NOT the case. As I remember it, there was a low wall around the entire complex. Inside were low single story? A surly worker led us to a cell in one of the buildings.

It was late spring and the concrete walls were sweaty with cooling moisture. Audiotapes and abandoned boxes were all over the place. Isolar wanted to make sure they at least had one copy of each of the Bowie albums. So much for the asinine theory that all early CDs were flat-transferred from the original unmastered stereo mixes. We had copies of the analog tapes towards the bottom of the list, except for Rare.

I sweet-talked Alicia into letting me those tapes as they were the only sources I could see for some of the stuff we needed. I asume all the source tapes for the songs on this comp are still in an RCA vault in the country that assembled the master. They weren't in the Jersey vault. Off his books and onto ours. Clever guy. I will have to dig out the actual address but it was in an unassuming industrial park in a typical suburban town Northwest of Boston.

Pretty sure it was somewhere in the rte. After our bonded art guys loaded up the truck, we bid farewell and I flew to Boston. The next day I set out early to Safesite to handle the ingestion of the materials. Isolar had a numbering system I quickly recognized as flawed multiple uses of the same number for the different items, etc.

The design was pretty thin, but it had a built in handle to be carried like a suitcase and was heavy enough to be swung as a deadly weapon. I once slipped on ice in back steps of my Minneapolis apartment, and it flew away, bouncing down the frozen stone stairs.

Although its sturdy exterior had a small crack, the primitive beast functioned without skipping a beat. I arrived at Safesite with the latest version of dbase and a mission: catalog every scrap in the vault. The helpful staff set me up at a large table in the middle of one of these rooms. It was dark and shelves of files surrounded me. It was cold, but sterile with smooth concrete floors. The ceiling was equipped with a Halon or Bromotrifluoromethane gas system that would act like a fire sprinkler system.

If fire Beats Employed - Tennant* / Barabash* / Lewis* - Oldsmobile (Vinyl) detected in any area of the building, the doors would seal within seconds and the gas would be released, sucking all the oxygen out of the room and extinguishing the flame. Typical music biz danger would be getting a drink spilled on you at a bar or having a heart attack from too much coke. Here I would've died if someone lit a match. In all the weeks I was cataloging, I rarely saw another person in the room.

As soon as Safesite cataloged a Bowie item into their system, it was sent up to my desk, where I examined and catalogued it again, using our own system. At first this was exciting, but after cataloging the umpteenth cassette master of David Live for the Philippine market, it started to feel like the relentless, heads-down, grind it out work it was. Remember, I had a target list of unreleased material we were hoping to find.

Billboard magazine article on the newly opened CD Establishment store I ran. Rykodisc mentioned peripherally as one of many things Rob Simonds did at the time.

Later, we made up our own fake Billboard alliterative headlines. There was a great one about Jimmy Buffet dying in a boating catastrophe. Records titles and the label was profitable. The same year, Ryko hired me as a consultant. We later adopted the more famous ESD "guy" logo, which was a silhouette I'd lifted from some clip art.

That summer, we got word the Bowie RCA catalog was available and the parties started to feel each other out. Could Ryko swing that kind of advance? Would Bowie buy into our vision of the re-releases? Did he even know who the hell we were? By fall there was some real hope we were in the running and in January ofI started at Ryko full-time. My first assignment was to write a proposal for the Bowie catalog, which was completed and delivered in less than a month. Amazingly, I still have a copy of the finished proposal, a surprisingly simple, unassuming document.

Mine is marked up with Beats Employed - Tennant* / Barabash* / Lewis* - Oldsmobile (Vinyl) notes, some of which I need to decipher. My original copy of the proposal. I think the scrawlings at the top were references to the various dbase files I created while cataloging the vault.

A quick side-note: In the course of researching a Bowie-related lawsuit years ago, I came across a copy of the original contract in my archives, hand-signed by Bowie. Ryko sometimes copied relevant departments on contracts, mostly so the heads of those departments could refer to them for deal parameters without having to consult with the Business Affairs team. This was helpful in budgeting, licensing, permissions, etc. I vaguely recall getting it at the time.

The proposal optimistically shows a very different campaign than the one that actually ensued. Ina new album with bonus tracks and an accompanying CD single and CDV for each album, all sold separately, and each with unique content. This was by far the biggest deal Ryko had ever contemplated entering into, so perhaps those extra items may have been a fiscal safety net in order to maximize the catalog and recoup a historically large advance.

Keep in mind we had not seen the Bowie archives at this point. We had no idea if Bowie would approve the release of every track we hoped to utilize, and some of them were only rumored to exist. Other known recordings were owned by third parties — meaning we would have to license BBC sessions or TV appearances, for instance.

This gave buyers breathing room between titles to allow anticipation to build, and prevented Bowie-fatigue. I recall opposing this idea, and luckily fate intervened, although we eventually released a two CD Best Of.

It also bagged the Christianne F. To be clear, I was not the only architect of this proposal, nor was I involved except peripherally in this the legal and financial aspects.

My responsibility was the creative side, including the release plan. I began researching the catalog, hunting down tapes, bootlegs, fan publications and any books I could get my hands on. Pre-internet, research was grinding it out; digging and getting your hands dirty.

They helped immeasurably, supplying import books and oddball records. If the subjects of his books are any indication, Mr.

Thompson and I share similar musical tastes glam, early punk, hard rock, flamboyant rock, etc. He actually references my response to the article he wrote bitching about the campaign, but neatly sidesteps the fact that he wrote the offending piece in the first place.

In an effort to keep their origins anonymous, most bootlegs were sold in plain white sleeves with printed inserts trapped under the shrinkwrap. A lot of the info on inserts was dubious if not downright wrong or even missingwith incorrect song titles, recording locations, etc.

This is hardly surprising considering the method by which the material was sourced. Thus, three of my Bowie boots had hand-written track lists on plain white sleeves, all scrawled by the previous owner, and, I assume, copied from the original now lost inserts. Another bootleg was a cassette of rehearsals for the Serious Moonlight tour in Dallas with Stevie Ray Vaughan on guitar.

A weird pairing destined to not happen. Note the Dame is still nicotine addicted at this point. Although Vaughan never played a single date, the subsequent tour stuck to that bootleg set list and was all the better for it. I saw the show in Hartford, CT and Bowie proved his point in a happy, upbeat performance, propelled largely by enthusiasm and rarely by gimmicks. The show and that rehearsal tape left lasting impressions. Anyway, negotiations went along with moments of high hopes, often quickly shattered.

I made a few trips to the Isolar offices in New York, where we met with various associates about our plans. Bowie was on board to add extra tracks, and he insisted the CDs be released at full price, not mid-price. This was not an issue for us - we had never imagined it any other way. Honestly, there were few, if any mid-price CDs in those days — at least in the US. For whatever reason, EMI and Bowie could not see eye to eye and the deal successfully closed at Rykodisc.

When we approached him about licensing his catalog for CD, he felt obligated to run it by his then-current label partner. This put the Zappa catalog at Ryko, which led to Hendrix, which led to Bowie, etc, etc. Rykodisc was a small label, but enough of a heavy hitter in North America to handle the Bowie catalog in that territory and maybe even in parts of Asiabut while we had good partners in Europe, they were largely distributors, not marketers.

We had to hurry if we were going to get anything out inwhich was the plan. Another compilation; feeding the beast or a serious look at a 40 year career? But to me, and probably anyone else my age, the rush of punk energy made earlier music seem prehistoric and uninteresting. So the thinking was that inthere was potentially a whole new audience that wasn't aware of music pre-Guns N Roses who could be introduced to this amazing body of work — not only through a new, comprehensive career overview, but also through the new-ish CD format.

Vinyl was done, the cassette, coughing up blood. It was, in a way, the birth of the catalog market. Prior to this, the labels would let records fall out of print and that was usually the end of it unless a miracle happened. Shockingly low projections filled the pages, but the reissued Changesone never an updated version was always the title with the highest numbers. When Ryko released Changesbowie, it sold half a million Gold in the first year, and eventually went on to sell a million Platinum.

If we were going to reintroduce his history to a new audience, a single disc was not going to do the job. To make sense of the decade of towhere Bowie careened stylistically all over the game board, only a grander package and ensuing catalog campaign would do. At this point, there were really only two benchmarks worth looking at. Polygram had recently issued an Eric Clapton box set. Clapton was benefitting from renewed interest. The package itself was ostentatious in size only.

This rainy day, lazy packaging would not serve Bowie. The other catalog that had gotten better than average treatment was the Beach Boys. Their Capitol records had been released as 2on1 CDs with extra tracks and great booklets, packed with lots of pictures and scholarly, interesting, liner notes.

Nice job, Capitol! I wish we could've included liner notes in the Bowie albums. My plan was to release the Bowie albums individually by which, I mean not as 2on1swith lots of extra tracks - some in two CD editions, which was unimaginable at that point. I also wanted to include liner notes, Bowie did not.

He wanted the booklets to have credits and pictures; nothing else. If we were going to put his career in context, it was going to be in a box set, not in the individual album releases. With these restrictions, it was easy to decide what the box should be — an extremely listenable compilation of highlights of those years, with an emphasis on covering all the bases. It needed to show how interesting Bowie was, and how important, influential and GREAT his 70's music had been, while maintaining a flow in the track listing - not an easy task considering Bowie was a genre-hopping musical chameleon; elevating glam rock one minute and warping Philly soul the next.

But before I could propose a track listing to Bowie, I needed to get into his vault. I'd later find out it wasn't the vault I'd hoped it would be; and even worse - it was in New Jersey. In my first post, I placed Bowie's status in context. The rights to Ziggy Stardust: The Motion Picture, were still RCA's as they released it in and that contract was still in effect, although due to expire shortly thereafter.

Which brings us to RCA. His career arc from Ziggy Stardust to Young Americans was just what they wanted, but when he delivered Low, they were dumbfounded.

RCA tried, but it choked out at 69 and there were no other singles from the album. So when "Heroes" was delivered, RCA gave up hope and seemingly wrote Bowie off, at least in the US, where he did not chart again until Fashion hit 70 in By then, Bowie was done with RCA and looking for a new home.

But RCA was not done with Bowie. In RCA had licensed a very good compilation to K-Tel, which was sold via TV and included some interesting edits in order to squeeze as many tracks as possible 16! This started an avalanche of RCA cash-in comps. Earlier in '81, the Christianne F soundtrack album appeared, an all-Bowie record that doubled as someone's idea of a Best Of the Berlin period with a few Station To Station tracks thrown in.

It oddly went to 3 in Australia but was never issued in the US until This was quickly followed by the unnecessary Changestwobowie RCA even issued a single, Wild Is The Wind, which stiffedand the mop-up collection Bowie Rare b-sides, ep tracks, etcwhich never saw release in the US.

Then Let's Dance exploded. Driven by the enthusiasm and promotional firepower of a new label, the power of the barely two years old MTV network, and an easy-to-digest-in-the-US image guy in yellow suitBowie became an indisputable worldwide superstar in a way few including Bowie himself had ever imagined possible.

By SeptemberModern Love had become the third hit from Let's Dance, an album with only 8 songs. Decca regurgitated their old Bowie tracks in a variety of permutations, as they had for years. They followed it up the next year with Golden Years, an equally nonsensical, exploitative set with another '83 cover photo. In these pre-digital days, hardcore fans felt like they had to buy everything.

They were rightly quite frustrated with the pointless, poorly assembled, cash-in compilations RCA was foisting on them. Amidst all this, CDs came along. Introduced in in Japan, and then in to Europe and North America, the CD was not considered a serious format by most major labels, who assumed it was nothing more than a fad designed to appeal to a small group of audiophiles. As we now know, they were, very, very wrong.

Rykodisc, formed earlier inissued their first CD in late Stage was only released in Europe. Still, David was considered the first major artist to have almost his whole catalog on CD. The company knew their rights were expiring and wanted to milk the catalog for all it was worth. Front and back covers of the original albums were included, but in most cases, other visuals were not.

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Sunday morning Worship at a. Prayer meeting, Wednesdays at p. Celebrate Recovery Ministry, Thursdays at p. Monday Friday and on Sat- urday mornings at a. There are no weekend Masses. Office hours are Monday Friday: a. Office phone num- ber is Every Wednesday evening Mass is celebratedat p. Joseph Marello. Pannunzio, Esq.

A new Michigan law that lets retailers sell alcohol on Sundays before noon also lets stores offer free samples of wine and beer. She must order the test, said the Maryland Court of Special Appeals in a recent decision. Requests can come from the Social Services Administration, the childs birth mother, a man who believes he may be the father or wants to prove he could not be.

A judge can also order a test on her own initiative. The Oblates of St. Joseph Jo- sephite-Marellian Lay Associ- ation will hold their monthly meeting this Wednesday, Octo- ber 5, immediately following the p. Scranton Diocesan Council of Catholic Women will hold their fall convention at the seminary on Sunday, October 16, at the seminary. For more information, contact Linda at Doors open at a. The Sacrament of Reconcilia- tion will be available during the day, which will conclude with the celebration of Eucharistic lit- urgy.

For more information, please call For more information about the seminary and the Oblates of St. Joseph locally and worldwide website: www.

A procession will start at p. All members of the Motendo- ro Society, parishioners and friends are invited to participate in this celebration of our Lady of the Rosary. This marks the 89th year of the celebration.

Today is respect life Sunday and National Children Day. After class the students will attend the a. Classes for Kindergarten to grade 5 are held on Wednesday from p. In conjunction with the Feast of St. Francis Assisi, animals will be blessed this Wednesday p. Carmel Parish Center. Bring your pets. Holy Name Society of Mt. Carmel and St.

Rocco will meet this Monday evening, October 3, at p. New members are most wel- come. Friday is the first Friday of the month: Masses at Mt.

Carmel Church at a. Confessions will be heard before Masses come early. The Rosary is recited before Mass. Carmel Senior Choir will hold rehearsals on Mondays from p. Rocco Se- nior Choir will resume weekly rehearsals on Tuesdays at p. Rocco Church. New members are wel- come. Nite at the Races, Friday, at Mt. Carmel Parish Hall, doors open at p. Food will be served. Come and spend a fun-filled evening with your family and friends. Please send in the form that was mailed to you no later than Oct.

Sunday: a. Daily Mass: a. Sacrament of Reconciliation Confessions Saturday from p. The Parish Advisory Council is calling a meeting of all inter- ested parishioners in order to present ideas for the formation of societies and parish activities, and to seek support from parish- ioners for their development.

The meeting will be held in the parish hall on Monday, October 10, beginning at p. Roccos, St. Maria Goretti and St. John the Evangelist are happy to an- nounce that Mrs. There will be an organizational meeting for all the youth, Beats Employed - Tennant* / Barabash* / Lewis* - Oldsmobile (Vinyl), grades 8 through12 on Sunday, October 16, from to p. The members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry meet every Thursday from to p.

New members are always welcome. The Parish Mass Intention Book is open through the rest of the year. The address for the parish webpage is: www. On the first Friday of each month Communion is brought to those who are unable to partici- pate in Sunday Mass because of age or health. The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick is cele- brated with anyone seriously ill, anticipating a serious operation, or quite elderly. Please notify the parish office of anyone desiring these Sacraments, as well as any- one in the hospital or a nursing home.

Sunday, Mass 8 and 10 a. Sunday Mass a. The Rosary will be recited before the first mass each day in October. The Blessing of Animals, in honor of St. Francis, will take place today at noon in the church parking lot.

The Womens Society will meet on Tuesday, October 4 at p. The Womens Societywill attend the a. The Rosary will be recited be- fore Mass. New members are welcome.

For many of us our only con- nection to the destruction is seeing it through the windowas we pass by in a car going about our normal routine. We may shake our heads and mutter, oh those poor people. But sitting in that car un- affected we can never know just how poor those people are, even if they have means Those of us who have helped in the clean up or harbored friends or relatives are a little closer to the tragedy, but even then we can never imagine what the flood victims are feeling.

Lets try. Imagine coming home from work to- morrow and finding your refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer out of order and beyond repair.

Then imagine that didnt really matter because you suddenly didnt have electricity to run themanyway. Then imagine it didnt matter because you sud- denly didnt have anything to put in the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer any- way.

Imagine you suddenly had no vehicle. Imagine wedding albums, collections, and childrens school projects washed away. Imagine having nothing but the clothes on your back. Quite literally that, as you try to imagine your house, your home, marked by a big orange X surrounded by police tape, uninhabitable, doomed to be demolished. Imagine your only livelihood is your own small business. Now imagine over- night it no longer exists. Talk to such victims and many of them will seemstoic at first.

Theyvowtheywill be back. They may even joke and laugh. But talk to them long enough and eventu- ally they breakdown. And who can blame them? Now imagine you are standing, hungry and tired, in the empty shell of what was once your home and along come some perfect strangers with food, with strong arms, with energy.

This is a scenario that has been happen- ing everyday, over and over, since the wa- ter receded three weeks ago. We cant say enough about church groups, service organizations, school clubs and sports teams, police and fire- men, street department workers, council- men, mayors and even random strangers who have made it their mission to help.

We cant imagine where the victims would be without them. Imagine it was you In June of this year, our son Eric was diagnosed with an epen- dymoma, a type of brain tumor. He underwent surgery at The Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia followed by proton radiation therapy, which recently concluded.

It has been a long and diffi- cult road, but we are lookingforwardtoa longandhealthyfuture. Our family would like to thank everyone who has kept Eric in their thoughts and prayers throughout this ordeal. Words or deeds can never express what your support and prayers have meant to our family. Special thanks to Dr. Jim Tricarico and staff for their prompt referral to the wonderful doctors and staff at The Childrens Hos- pital of Philadelphia; to the caring and compassionate doctors and staff at CHOP; Monsignor Sempa of Corpus Cristi Parish for his constant support, guidance and visits during this trying time; our familyfor their love, prayers andunendingsupport; our West Pittstonfamily, the Angelis, the Minichellos, the Melberg- ers andthe Scalzos, for beingthere withus througheverystepof this strenuous journey; Erics friends for their continuous phone calls, texts, visits andinclusionwiththeir everydaylife; all of our friends and members of our community who offered prayers, support and encouragement through this unimaginable ordeal.

We would also like to thank the West Pittston Little League Organization for holding their annual charity wiffle ball tourna- ment for Eric and our family. Thank you to all of our family and friends who worked so hard to make it a successful and fun day!

We sincerely appreciate the numerous donations, baskets and treats. Thank you to the WA Key Club members who volunteered their time. And in a time when our town was in the midst of a flooding disaster, it was truly astonishing to see our community, even people we did not know, rally around our son.

We are blessed to live in such a kind, caring and compassionate area. The ALSFfunds various researchprojects working nonstop to find a cure for childhood cancer. Also, wed like to thank all the volunteers who helped our resi- dents in their cleanup efforts, including the Wyoming Area stu- dents. Once again, this demonstrates the tight knit and caring community that we live in, with people reaching out to others at their most vulnerable time. We are proud and honored to be part of it.

The devastationthat the floodcausedtoour communitywas a humbling experience for all of us. Our hearts go out to the wonderful residents of the Wyoming Area community as you rebuild your lives, homes and businesses. Our sincerest regards and best wishes as you fight back. The Dispatch welcomes submis- sions for the Your Space section. Drop off or mail to Sunday Dispatch, New St. It is Columbus Day celebrated on Monday, October A holiday that does not receive the bells and whistles as other prominent American holidays but to me and many others of Italian American ancestry it is a special day.

Columbus Day became a Federal Holiday in by proclamation of the Congress and Presi- dent Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a result of the lobbying by the Knights of Columbus who chose Christopher Columbus a fitting symbol of Cathol- ic immigrants rights to citizenship. The highlight of the evening will be the pre- sentation of the Person of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award pre- sented annually to persons for distinguished ser- vice to the Association and in various fields of en- deavor.

Paul McDonnell, victor of the Oblates of St. Joseph, Yatesville, has been selected to re- ceive the 20ll Person of the Year Award. Father McDonnell, a native of West Pittston, is the son of an Irish American father Thomas McDonnell and an Italian American mother Shirley Petrilla, will be the recipient Patricia Stella, a resident of Laflin a former school teacher, is currently the owner and operator of eleven McDonalds franchises in Northeastern Pennsylvania that employ people. Pat was 30 years of age and the youngest fran- chise owner at that time.

She is married to Joseph Stella. Butera; Sandy In- salaco; Dr. Judge Joseph Augello is chair- man. On Sunday, October 9, membership and friends will attend Mass at St. Roccos Church in Pitt- ston at a.

Following Mass the as- sembly will march to the Columbus statue to the beat of the Pacis Band to South Main Street where yearly a commemorative ceremony with the plac- ing of a wreath is held. This is a tradition that began with the Columbus League in the earlys.

Judge Augello will pre- side at the ceremony. James Deice and Herman Castellani, president, are serving as chairman and co-chairman. Reser- vations may be made by calling Louise Castellani at and Judy Deice at Leonard Cumbo, who is sorely missed and served as Treasurer of the Association and chair- man of the ad booklet since early inception, is in our thoughts and minds. Leonard was the heart who gave of his time will- ingly and lightened meetings and functions with his teasing mannerism. Rest In Peace.

Thank you, Mr. Christopher Columbus for your determination and conviction, and to our immi- grant parents who had the courage to leave their native lands.

Just this past week we encountered the seasons shift. We said goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Missing those fresh garden veg- etables? Well summer isnt the only season which provides us with fresh produce. Fall gives us nutrient-rich root vegetables like pota- toes, winter squash and sweet potatoes. Some of these veggies just take a bit longer to bake and or cook. Winter squash comes in many varieties, including butternut, acorn and spaghetti.

The dark orange and deep yellow color of winter squash indicates a vegetable packed with rich nutrients like vitamin A which is needed for vision, immune function, and skin health. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of vitamin Aand are lowin calories. A plain baked sweet potato contains calories and has 4 grams of heart-healthy fiber.

But the vegetables nutritional value is often negated when we add lots of brown sugar, marshmallows and butter to it. Parsnips are often overlooked, but are a high energy, low-fat, nutri- ent-dense vegetable. One medium parsnip has calories with 6 grams of fiber, and like other fall vegetables provides plenty of vita- min C and potassium. Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene provides your body with vitamin A.

One cup of sliced, canned carrots has 45 calories. Turnips add a tangy flavor and a sharp bite to soups, salads and side dishes. One medium turnip has only 30 calories yet includes 25 per- cent of the daily need for vitamin C. Turnips are a fair source of potassium with nearly mg. For a nutrition boost, cook turnips with the greens. Potatoes are a naturally fat free food. One medium baked potato without sour creamand butter has about calories and provides 35 grams of carbohydrates.

Potatoes account for 25 percent of our daily need for vitamin Cwhich is important for healing wounds. They also provide mg of potassiumto aid muscle and nerve activity. Below is a recipe that uses many fall vegetables fromthe Cancer Institute for Cancer Research. Soak raisins in apple juice. Line large baking sheet with two sheets of parchment paper. In large bowl, mix vegetables, oil, syrup, cinnamon and add pepper to taste.

Spread mixture on baking pan. Bake until carrots the longest to bake are just soft then add raisins and apricots. Bake about 10 minutes longer, until carrots are soft enough for fork to prick through.

Makes 10 servings. Ehret, M. Fax The nonprofit development compa- ny, United Neighborhood Cen- ters of Northeastern Pennsylva- nia is refurbishing the historic Hitchner Biscuit Company bak- ery into a complex of 16 one- two- and three-bedroom apart- ments.

The Hitchners Bakery was al- ready 40 years old when it opened its huge, new, state-of- the-art, national-scope, com- mercial bakery on Exeter Ave- nue in West Pittston in Mike Hanley of UNC said the building will be developed into mid-income apartments for working families while preserv- ingsome of the historical aspects of the building including its name.

It will be called the Hitchner Building. In the bakerys hey-day from the s through the s the company produced, as one of the companys ads proclaimed, an ABC of cookies and crackers from Acorn Crackers and Creso Biscuits to Vanilla Cremes and Zehu Bars.

Creso Biscuits, which were named by an em- ployee who won 50 bucks, were creme soda biscuits which were dubbed The biscuit that made West Pittston famous. The bakery closed in and in the ensuing half-century the building went through a series of owners of manufacturing busi- nesses before it finally closed for good more than 20 years ago.

Abandoned, the building dete- riorated. Though structurally sound, it became an eyesore. Worse, it was a potential fire hazard as it was packed with a plastic material, in bales and rolls, used in Easter basket straw which was left by the last own- ers. In new members of the West Pittston council, Brian Thornton, Pete Musinski and Kevin Lescavage who had run on a platform that included ad- dressing the Hitchner building and Mayor Bill Goldsworthy asked borough solicitor Charles Bufalino to research the build- ing.

It took eight months of work. It took him five months torecycle 28trailer loads of the plastic materials, five truckloads of paper and card- board and dispose of 16 trailers of junk. Mark Bufalino representing his late father, Atty. What other game also had these cards? John Kehoe Jr. Employees of the compa- ny were encouraged to donate as well.

The number of Community Chest organizations increased from 39 to between andand sur- passed 1, by Byand after several name changes, the term United Way was adopted in the United States. Frank P. Dills, Avoca native and son of the owner of Dills Funeral Home, returned home after fulfilling an impor- tant duty with the United States Graves Commission.

Nearly 80, U. The first returns of World War II casualties took place in the fall ofsix years after the attack at Pearl Harbor. Eventually,of the roughlyidentified remains were brought back to the U.

Rocco Policare answered, Mental work is more tiring and will eventually become physical labor as it slows your body up. Ross Baccanari of Pittston comment- ed, A person who performs mental work thinks there is nothing more tiring, but convince a fellow who loads coal cars in the mines. Carol Bellanca of Pittston said, I do bookkeeping, I prefer it to any other type of work. I wouldnt say it was par- ticularly tiring.

The car was slated to be used for the schools driver training classes. Luchetti Sales and Service of Exeter announced that there were only two Edsels left in their close out spe- cial sale. At William P. The more than 12, fans that crowded into the lighted stadium were prepared to see a victory over the Blakely Bears.

However it was the Bears that came out on top securing a victory. To the chagrin of the Pittston Area Booster Club, the school board an- nounced that they would not approve the boosters carrying out the same fund raising programs as it had done in the past.

With these monies, the club had purchased many items for the team and the field. The board limited the boosters to only selling member- ships. The Sunday Dispatch posed the ques- tion to readers, What if parochial schools closed? At the beginning of the school year, students from the Franklin School were housed in the deteriorating Wilson Building in Pittston.

Meanwhile many parochial school students were transfer- ring to public schools in the district. School officials looked to the future and concluded that the time was right to plan for construction of new elementary buildings. With students enrolled in St. Johns; St. Marys Assumption; St. John the Baptist; St.

Marys, Avoca; Sacred Heart in Dupont and Holy Ros- ary in Duryea, plans were suggested to address the possibility of eventual turn- over of parochial students to the public school system. John S.

Lacomis returned to Avoca a recipient of the Silver Star awarded to him for gallantry in action in Vietnam. Lacomis serving as a medical aidman with Company A south of DaNang, and under heavy enemy fire, rescued and treated wounded until evacuated. Laco- mis entered the service on Sept. Question 2 Inwhat did Dupont have for the first time? Born in California to Carmella and Joseph LaTorre, Tony became enamored with show business at an Elvis concert in Las Vegas, where he mounted the stage at five years old and did an impromptu Elvis impersonation in front of the king of rock and roll himself.

Tony LaTorre has performed in a number of popular television shows as well as performing as Elvis in venues across the country and at corporate and private functions. Look for Tonys per- formance as Elvis on youtube. In its 12th year, the award-winning public station ranked number one in Pennsylvania and 16th in the country.

Six of the staff members, Ray Pernot of Avoca, responsible for on-air production, Tom McHugh of Pittston, director of radio operations; Margaret Lavelle of Pittston, reception and memberships; Alice Allardyce Krafjack of Pittston, scheduling and Jim Frushon of Pittston and Allan Mur- phy of Wyoming, production, directing, audio and video were instrumental in bringing quality programming into homes across the area.

Taking her Duryea team to Dis- trict Championship against Hazleton and scoring the winning basket cinched her role as a legend among female basket- ball players in the area. Answer 1 Community Chest cards first appeared with the development of what became Monopoly in the s. Within one month of signing an agree- ment with Charles Darrow inParker Brothers discovered the existence of other similar games, but by that time, it was evident that the game was going to be a huge success.

According to the Parker Brothers, their best move was to secure patents and copyrights to The Landlords, Finance and Fortune games. Youre either part of the solution or youre part of the problem. The Blessing of Graves will take place after the service.

CCD Calendar: Oct. Grade 6 will serve as ministers at this mass. First Graders are to re- port to the room in the rectorys lower level and all other students report to the school. The next Bible Study session will be held on Wednesday, Oct.

All are welcome. Bring your bi- ble. The focus will be on St. Pauls letter to the Ephesians. A Bake Sale will be held on Oct. Donations of baked goods will be accepted in the church hall beginning at 1 p. Cash donations are also appreciated. Proceeds fund the Senior Ou- treach activities. Members of the Womens So- cietywhoare turning75this year are askedtocontact the rectoryat Bake sale Oct. Donations of baked goods will be accepted in the Church Hall starting at 1 p.

Saturday, Oct Cash donations are also ap- preciated. Proceeds fund Senior Outreach activities. Phone: In honor of St. Francis Assisi blessingof pets andanimals after the Mass today, Sunday, October 2, in the grass area be- hind the rectory.

Please keep your pets on a leash or in a cage. Choir rehearsals will begin on Thursday, October 6, at p. An- thonys Church. Cantors will meet at p. New members are always wel- come. All parents anticipating Bap- tism of their first child are re- quired to attend baptismal in- struction. The next session will be held Tuesday, October 4, in the parish center to Annual Chicken Dinner will be held Sunday, October 9.

John the Evangelist Parish. If you are in need of food please call Distribution of food is by ap- pointment only. Pediatric Health Clinic is open on the first and third Thursday of the month. Registrationis heldin the Seton building from to p. Bring your childs immuniza- tions records. Greater Pittston Kids Closet is open Wednesday from9 to a.

The Closet accepts donations new and gently used. For information call the parish office. To- day is a communion Sunday. Sunday School starts at right after service Upcoming Events: October 4 - 7 p. Our 3rd annual football game trip to An- napolis, Maryland. Hoagies and soda will be pro- vided. All other beverages are BYOB. Depart from Redners at Pitt- stonPlaza at a. Arrive ap- proximately 11 a. Tour the A- cademy from Kick off at Back in Pittston around 11 p.

To reserve your seat or have any questions contact Tom at October 15 - Saturday Service 4 p. If you would like to join our Church Family have any ques- tions or comments please call us at Tuesday Bible Study p. Phone: Email: olos verizon. Father Leo J. McKernan, Pas- tor. Help in response to recent flooding, contact Kim Konopka at to sort and help dis- tribute items.

Cleaning supplies are greatly needed. CCD classes are prior to 11 a. Adult bible study resumes af- ter 7 p. Mass on each Thurs- day of the Month. Confirmation Class a. Sunday School a. Worship Service October 2 - a. First Communion Classes for 5th graders St. Peters is accepting mone- tary donations to be given to the people that were in the flood.

Do you have questions about the Catholic Church? Have you been coming to Mass regularly or often with family or friends? Have you thought about learning more about Catholic beliefs and prac- tices? The R. Rite of Chris- tian Initiation Of Adults pro- vides anopportunitywithout any commitment, to ask questions and to learn about Catholic be- liefs and practices.

If you are interestedplease call and ask for Mon- signor Van Loon CCD classes have begun this weekend and are being held in the Learning Center lower level of our Church from a.

If you have not registered your child to date, please see Michelle Pinto today prior to class. Each child must have a completed reg- istration form. Carmen Bolock Phone: Daily masses are at a. Holy Day Masses: 8 a. Rectory phone number Peter and Pauls Parish Hawthorne St. Pe- ter and Pauls Parish family, please join them today at 2 p. Sladicka, pastor. Due to the clos- ing rituals involved, the approxi- mate length of the Mass is ex- pected to be one hour and 45 minutes.

Following the Mass, there will be a procession of SS. Peter and Pauls parishioners with the Blessed Sacrament to St. Marys Church where they will be greet- ed by the members of their new parish family. Upon the arrival of the proces- sion, a brief benediction service will take place in the church.

A welcoming reception will follow in St. Marys School auditorium, Spring St. The parishioners of St. Any busi- ness that is interested in support- ing the parishs cam- paign should call the parish of- fice at In honor of Respect Life Month, St. The following items may be placed in the collection bins in St. Marys Church lobby: diap- ers, formula, wet wipes, blan- kets, etc.

Marys Church, Hawthorne St. Students and staff will be at- tending this Mass. Marys Church. Come and receive the healing that only Christ can give. Beginning October 9, St. Peter and Pauls Parish will have Masses on Sunday at 8,and 11 a.

The womens guild will meet Sunday, Oct. The pastoral council will meet Monday, Oct. Marys Rectory. The implementation commit- tee will meet Tuesday, Oct. On Sunday, Oct. Marys not the church will close. The newly formed parish of Queen of the Apostles, a combination of the parishes from St. Marys and SS. Peter and Pauls Churches, will offi- cially open Sunday, Nov. The worship committee will meet Monday, Oct. The social concerns commit- tee will meet Tuesday, Oct. The finance council commit- tee will meet Tuesday, Oct.

Marys School audi- torium, Spring St. Attendees may bring their own alcoholic beverages. Costumes are optional. Reservations will be accepted until October Please note at- tendees must be 21 years old or older to attend. For more infor- mation, please contact Marjorie Adcroft at or mad- croft msn. Those who are still without electric service, stoves, or refrigerators, drop by for an inexpensive home cooked meal.

If you need to grab a quick meal for your family we put together a value priced Take Out Pack that includes some of our popular favorites.

Voted Best Value Most Affordable Price does not include sales tax. Cannot be used with other specials. Good for our Red Pizza only. Kids MenuToo! Main St. Cut the butter into tablespoon-size chunks so that it melts quickly. S Help Wanted Please Call: marvelousmuggs. BAG 3 LB.

Main St, Downtown Wilkes-Barre www. Boy Scout Troop will have a barbeque chicken dinner Sun- day, Oct. Marys School, Spring St. The menu consists of a half of a barbeque chicken, a baked po- tato, coleslaw, a dessert, and a roll. Takeouts will be available too. Peter and Pauls Parish will have its inaugural safe trick-or-treating and Hallo- ween party Sunday, Oct. Children up to14 are invited to trick-or-treat throughout the school and enjoy games, prizes, face painting, food, drinks, mu- sic, and entertainment by Johnny Superstar.

Please be sure to bring an adult and a trick-or-treat bag to the party. Individuals or businesses who would like to make a donation or sponsor a school room are asked to call Tara Iovacchini at Parishioners may make mone- tary donations by placing them in the collection basket at any weekend Mass in an envelope marked Halloween party. Individuals who are interested in attending can make a reserva- tion by calling Tara or e-mailing her at Taraiovacchi- ni gmail.

This project is beingorganized by Samantha Iovacchini in ful- fillment of the service require- ments for the Girl Scout Silver Award. Peter and Pauls Parish is going green! Any per- son who would like to drop off aluminum cans may place them in a container in the empty bay of St. Marys Rectory Garage which will be open on the week- end during Mass times: Saturday at 4 p. To have your cans picked up, please call Jason at Become a fan today!

Peter and Pauls Parish now has a page on Facebook. Anyone who is interested in renting St. Marys School for child care, parties, or other use- ful activities is invited to call the rectory at to learn more about this opportunity. Daily Masses: St. Wednesday at 7 p. Eucharistic Adoration: Tues- days from 8 a. Mass Weekends Masses: Saturday at 4 p. Marys Church; Sundayat 8and11a. Ma- rys Church Confession: Saturdays p. Marys Church; anytime upon request by calling Sunday School; 11 a.

Worship and Holy Communion Tuesday, October 4 - 6 p. Christian Ed Committee; 7 p. Fellowship Committee; 7 p. Sunday Holy Eucharist: 11 a. Holy Days as announced. Food Pantry: October items needed are peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bars and nutri- tion bars. Open To Pub- lic. Daily prayer for those with needs requesting prayerful sup- port. Start Prayernetwork at par- ish office Youth Program: a. Weekday special events andservice projects as an- nounced.

Faith Forum for Adults: En- richment for adults seeking spir- itual renewal and opportunities for ministry and volunteerism. Parish Council: Every second Sunday. Women of Trinity: Every third Sunday. WOT Ministry Invita- tion. The Women of Trinity have undertaken a ministry to help support Good Shepherd Episco- pal Church of Scranton in their outreach to the homeless of the region. Each month after enjoy- ing a home cooked meal at Good Shepherd all who have needs may shop for necessities like clothing, shoes, toiletries in a store-like setting in the churchs refurbished basement of donated items.

The Woman of Trinity has supported this ministry by deliv- ering donations of clothing, new undergarments and socks and toiletries to the Scranton church.

WOT will continue to collect trial size and hotel toiletries and invites the parish community to join with themin helping the less fortunate. Donations of trial size and sample size toiletries are welcome. Party and Banquet Space. Newly renovated banquet room and kitchen. Reservations at Music Together Classes: Fun and music for infants and chil- dren through age five accompa- nied by a parent or caregiver.

Visit www. Sunday Worship Service a.

I can’t stand football perrigo tretinoin cream reviews The song was written by Regina Spektor, an American singer, and was used in the film “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, which was release in , based on the C.S. Lewis book. May 27,  · Delta Optimist - May 27, A4 The Delta Optimist May 27, Volunteers help victims cope with the aftermath of crime and provided support to more than victims and witnesses of . The Pittston Dispatch - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Pittston Dispatch FEBRUARY No vinyl announced as yet for Trevor Horn‘s album, which is rather usual, although some people might regard that as refreshing, given just how much vinyl is on offer in February. There are also still signed copies available from his site, which is a bit of a no-brainer if you want to pick this title up, although do remember a special Japanese 2CD edition with a disc of. Since the first ever Now was rolled out for Christmas with its delicious mix of Phil Collins, Kajagoogoo, Culture Club and Howard Jones, the series has gone on to sell more than million records in the UK alone. It’s been released in just about every format imaginable, from vinyl and audio cassette to CD, download and even mini-disc. Science in Your World -Level 6 (11 Year Olds)2-Activity Book, Hackett X Chinese Politics and Society - An Introduction, Flemming Christiansen, Shirin Rai Applied Financial Accounting and Reporting, Geoff Black. craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events. Lewis G. Janes - Philosopher, Patriot, Lover of Man, Lewis G. Janes The Book of Living Poets, Walter Jerrold The Sphinx In The Labyrinth (), Maude Annesley X Hobbes's Behemoth - Religion and Democracy, Tomaz Mastnak. All knowledge is individually constructed and contextually situated. Simply stated, different things mean different things to different people, under different circumstances, in different places, and at different times. What then is the meaning of an education? Pragmatic philosophy holds the meaning of something to be intrinsically associated with its functional purpose or effect. Accordingly. Nov 16,  · The 'self-employed' Gandhi family 'My son could not stand Gaia, but he didn't kill her': Suspect's father hits out as carpenter, 49, is held for murder of missing teen after clothes are found.


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  3. During , which was the busiest period of construction, close to persons were employed in the workshops, offices and on site. From mid to the bridge was known as the Jubilee Bridge, honouring George V, but when opened on 6 July it was named after JD Story, the Public Service Commissioner and a member of the Bridge Board.
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    employed at the head-quarters of MSM Security Services Inc. in Maryland until , and then its investigative representa-tive in Southwest Florida until He held memberships inVeterans of Foreign Wars Post , American Legion Post , AMVETS Post and the National Association of Retired NCIS Special Agents; and he was a notary public.
  5. I can’t stand football perrigo tretinoin cream reviews The song was written by Regina Spektor, an American singer, and was used in the film “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, which was release in , based on the C.S. Lewis book.
  6. The Pittston Dispatch - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Pittston Dispatch
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    While the Black Motor Company's Black went as low as $, Western Tool Works' Gale Model A roadster was $, the high-volume Oldsmobile Runabout went for $, and the Cole 30 and Cole Runabout were US$1,,Packard concentrated on cars with prices starting at $2,
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    Feb 01,  · But it is likely to be viewed on Netflix and many will be watching on mobile phones rather than a TV screen. Few of the five to sixteen-year-olds surveyed were even alive when the show was first broadcast, between and But the Childwise report claims that the comedy is their favourite programme. Because, obviously, they asked all of.
  9. craigslist provides local classifieds and forums for jobs, housing, for sale, services, local community, and events.

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