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You keep focusing on status when what really matters is proper characterization. As I have pointed out to you before, just imagine if HUGE numbers of non-Muslims in the West, including the elites in the media, academia and the political realm said something to the effect, and on a regular basis, that Islam is a religion all right but it is a lousy religion, it is an enemy of freedom and it is iniquitous.

Think matters would remain as they are now? Our government gives money to Israel. Our government gives money to the palestinian cause. We also give money to many muslim countries, some of which practice slavery and other things that are abhorrent to modern Americans. The money has not solved one thing. As a non muslim American walk through Israel and then walk not sneak through gaza or the west bank.

If you make it back in one piece to comment to me I will know that you only walked through Israel. Do you see a problem here? Would that problem involve money and money making that problem worse? Actually, few Infidel nations are attacking each other. Save for the Jihad problem, Europe is at peace. North America is at peace. Australia and New Zealand are at peace. Most of non-Muslim Asia and Africa are at peace. Your apparent belief that most of the world save Japan are at war is simply not the case.

Well, of course this is true. Muslims are also attacking both Infidels and other Muslims all over the world—as I have noted many hundreds of times here at Jihad Watch—almost every day, in fact. Who said that? Why do you so often misread what others post? We have a great deal in common. I think our support of Israel is one of the few good uses of American tax payer money outside of the US.

You may, of course, disagree. I have said that we should realize that places like Saudi Arabia are not our allies. I have never suggested that Gaza or any other part of the Muslim world is safe for Infidels. The troops coming were generally from countries that had the means to launch expeditions. The UN is also grappling with persistent accusations of rape and sexual exploitation by its peacekeepers, which is further undermining confidence in the organisation, particularly in some of the countries where its soldiers are deployed.

And there are added demands as the US presses for peacekeepers to take on a more aggressive role, particularly against armed Islamist groups in Africa. President Barack Obama is jointly hosting a summit with Ban in New York later this month to seek commitments to strengthen peacekeeping with better trained troops, equipment and intelligence resources, to the alarm of some of the countries that provide substantial contingents of troops in blue helmets.

India, which has sent more soldiers on UN missions than any other country —on 49 missions — is openly challenging the move towards what some see as mostly rich and powerful countries on the security council sending the poor to fight and die. They are not supposed to be partisan. If somebody wants soldiers to go in and fight they should hire mercenaries, not take UN soldiers.

UN peacekeeping came into its own with the collapse of the Soviet Union in and the diminishing of ideological rivalries that had dominated international politics since the second world war.

Early successes in Cambodia, Namibia, Mozambique and El Salvador generated an overconfidence in the ability of UN soldiers to keep the peace. Each of those countries had an accord that former warring parties wanted to maintain.

The UN learned the hard way in Angola, Rwanda and Bosnia that where the UN wants peace more than those in conflict, then the illusion of peacekeeping can perpetuate instability and cost lives.

No longer would UN forces stand idly by while innocent people were murdered. More thanUN peacekeepers have served in Haiti since and close tobeen deployed to the DRC over the past 15 years. There is little prospect of either mission ending soon. The emphasis on Africa is in part a reflection of the enduring nature of some conflicts on the continent, but also the politics of the security council.

The UN might have had large peacekeeping missions in Syria and Ukraine, were it not for Russian objections. As the scale of peacekeeping has grown so have the questions about its role. Most particularly, are peacekeepers there to monitor peace or to enforce it? Several hundred peacekeepers surrendered to the rebels. A British general, David Richards, was sent in by London to evacuate foreign citizens. At least hold their positions.

He was very reluctant to do it. India said its troops were sent to monitor the peace, not enforce it. In an internal UN report, Jetley accused Garba and other senior Nigerians of being more interested in smuggling diamonds than keeping the peace.

Such differences of opinion over the role of UN peacekeepers were replicated 12 years later in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Beaten Into Peace - Celebrate Hate - Nordhessisch Noise Terror (CDr) rebels advanced on the eastern town of Goma.

The Indian commander of part of the largest peacekeeping force in the world ignored orders from UN officials to defend the town and called the Indian defence ministry in New Delhi to ask what he should do. He was told not to resist. By then members of the wider UN mission in the DRC had come to look like bystanders to mass killing, rape and terror.

Most western nations will not put boots on the ground as frontline peacekeepers and so the UN is dependent on the goodwill of those countries prepared to deploy troops such as India, Bangladesh, Rwanda and Nigeria, Beaten Into Peace - Celebrate Hate - Nordhessisch Noise Terror (CDr), making it hard to assert its authority. The UN lost confidence in Jetley in Sierra Leone but when the then secretary general, Kofi Annan, tried to remove him, the Indian government threatened to pull out all of its Beaten Into Peace - Celebrate Hate - Nordhessisch Noise Terror (CDr).

Rwanda and Srebrenica prompted a greater emphasis on protection of civilian lives, and involvement in rebuilding failed states instead of negotiating peace treaties, standing back and hoping it all worked out. Gowan pointed to Darfur, where he said the UN intervention came as a politically panicked response to public pressure over the mass killings by the government-allied Janjaweed militia. We were just under such public pressure to come up with an answer and the answer was peacekeeping.

The frank reality is no one believes that the mission is working but no one dares pull it out because they fear the moment it goes there will be an even greater spike in violence and the security council will be held responsible. Philippe Bolopion, the UN director at Human Rights Watch, said the principal reason for the failure of the Darfur mission, a hybrid operation with African Union forces, was deadlock on the security council.

Russia and China have done this by opposing more sanctions against the Sudanese government even Beaten Into Peace - Celebrate Hate - Nordhessisch Noise Terror (CDr) it pushes peacekeepers around in Darfur. But his writings took on new meaning on April 13, President Donald Trump has had no qualms linking terrorism to religion — but so far he has focused on only one.

Targeting and investigating just one religion — Islam — at the expense of others that are inspiring hate in America would be a grave mistake, several terrorism experts said. Just as a tiny faction of extremists has twisted Islam to Beaten Into Peace - Celebrate Hate - Nordhessisch Noise Terror (CDr) terrorists to go out and kill people, strains of Odinism are driving American terrorists to wage their own form of jihad.

Leo Felton, who is biracial, became a white supremacist and Odinist while serving time in prison for violent assaults.

Credit: Boston U. Imprisoned at 20 for almost killing a Cuban-American taxi driver in an assault in New York City, Felton was a confused and violent young man. That violence only crystallized in prison.

His three-year sentence became 11 years after he stabbed two inmates, almost killing one. He had gone to prison a Catholic, but on the inside, he hooked up with fellow white supremacists and met dozens of Odinists. In phone interviews from federal prison, he said he found some of the Odinists he met smart, engaging and, above all, committed, ready to die for their cause. Stripped by the prison system of any sense of worth or ability to contribute meaningfully to society, Felton said he, like so many prisoners before and after him, found new purpose in the cocktail of religious and philosophical hatred he was greedily drinking down.

Gradually, the Christian Gospels began to grow cold for Felton. But the poetic writings of Odinism vibrated within him, eventually catching fire. Here was a religion that rewarded action over passivity. Here was a philosophy that understood that the world was being manipulated by Jews and overrun by amoral mixed-blood people with no self-control and no shame.

This was a vision he could fight for and die for, to be rewarded in the great beer hall of Valhalla. It would be a short, triumphant taste of freedom, capped with an explosion of hatred and retribution. He planned to kill as many people as possible, with a final suicide mission at a high-profile Jewish organization. Released inFelton put his plans straight into action. Needing cash, he printed rudimentary bills at home and traded them for real bills at convenience stores and dimly lit bars.

With the help of a former prison buddy, he robbed a bank in Boston, using some of his proceeds to buy the first makings Beaten Into Peace - Celebrate Hate - Nordhessisch Noise Terror (CDr) a bomb — a pound bag of ammonium nitrate and a coffee machine, whose entrails he gutted for a makeshift time-delayed fuse. The feds charged him with the bank robbery and also with conspiracy, claiming he planned to bomb the Holocaust memorials in Washington, D.

He was sent down for 21 years and 10 months and is currently incarcerated in a high-security prison in Philadelphia. For Felton, however, that jihad is a thing of the past. He became a white supremacist as a young man in prison, driven partly by anger and confusion about his own lineage and partly by the inherent segregation of the prison system.

But a few years ago, after sending off for a DNA test and discovering that he was descended from the Yoruba, an ethnic group living in what is now southwestern Nigeria, he embraced his African lineage. This story was edited by Andrew Donohue and copy edited by Stephanie Rice. Will Carless can be reached at wcarless revealnews. Follow him on Twitter: willcarless. Thanks for your interest in republishing this story. As a nonprofit newsroom, we want to share our work freely with as many people as possible.

Mar 09,  · Mailing Address CounterPunch PO Box Petrolia, CA Telephone 1() Add all to Wantlist Remove all from Wantlist. Marketplace 7 For Sale from $ Vinyl and CD Sell Copy/5(11). Oct 24,  · A Duke Chapel “Bridge Panel” conversation takes up the question of what spiritual, political and communal resources are available to seek peace in an age of fear. Apr 08,  · But as 3, deaths recede into history, one question just won’t go away: Can there be peace without justice? The families of the 14 people who . Sep 14,  · INAUGURATION OF THE MULTI TRACK COUNCIL for the SDG’s and A CULTURE OF PEACE Conference Room 11 September 14, UN Headquarters Concept Note The inauguration of the Parliamentary Initiative Multi Track Council for a Culture of Peace follows the launching of the High Level Panel: The Role of Parliaments for Building Peaceful and Inclusive Societies and Combating . It was on the night of December 21st when the Pan American jetliner left London's Heathrow Airport bound for New York. Flight was 25 minutes late taking off, but once the reached its. First of all you do not have the power to invite the UN into our country. Secondly, this sounds like a job for the National Guard. Thirdly, the UN can take my guns for my cold dead hands. Jul 07,  · Violent counterterrorism rides the wave of public outrage over the cruel behavior of terrorists, which is often exactly what the terrorists want, a downward spiral into . As the government deadline of October 31, for final settlement to the Naga dispute approached, there were reports of talks with NSCN (IM) running into rough weather. But then came good news of NSCN (IM) coming on board ‘without’ a separate Naga constitution but with a ‘conditional’ flag. Latter reportedly implies that the Naga flag can be displ. Sep 21,  · General News of Saturday, 21 September Source: Starr FM Beat the drums of peace, not war – Peace Council to citizens.


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    Peace and Noise is the seventh studio album by Patti Smith, released September 30, on Arista Records. Uncut magazine ranked the album 21st best of the year. Single "" was nominated for Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance at the 40th Annual Grammy Rock.
  3. Author's note: So let me preface this by saying that all the stories in this anthology are completely true and happened to my friends or me during our time in the Peace Corps. This is no gimmick. (I hate that I even have to type that.) I was tempted to finish up my series with a final Nicaraguan myth (El Cadejo), but I thought this would be a more interesting and honest way to end it. A.
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  5. Built to destroy I will employ all the hate of my greatness My power's outrageous Mountains fall before me All is displaced below me Destruction I crave We will never be safe until we are free I am the plague, I am disease Bringing mother nature back down to her knees I am the wind, I am the sea Clearing out the mess thats left to be Cold and crippling, feel revenge Destroy destruction to find.
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  7. Oct 24,  · A Duke Chapel “Bridge Panel” conversation takes up the question of what spiritual, political and communal resources are available to seek peace in an age of fear.
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  9. Sep 12,  · 6. Integrating C/PVE objectives, terminology, and programs into peace operations carries serious risks. Security Council mandates for Afghanistan and Somalia affirm support for host governments’ CT and CVE efforts, and UN peace operations in Mali, Somalia, and elsewhere are doing C/PVE programming. But many UN staff are deeply uncomfortable.

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