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No words are adequate to describe the outstanding Bette Davis performance in this film. Sorry, Greer Garson, Bette deserved this Oscar as she did so many. Her change from a hopelessly-drawn spinster to a ravishing beauty with all its torment can never be forgotten. Thank you Claude Rains for your excellent portrayal of the psychiatrist.

As Charlotte A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - The Best Of Voyager (CD), a rich Bostonian smothered by a mother who had her late in life, Davis plays a frumpy, low-esteemed, near recluse of a woman. That is, until her cousin intervenes by bringing a psychiatrist, Dr. Jacquith Claude Rains into Miss Vale's life. Miss Vale's cousin and shrink conspire to bring her out of the steel shell her domineering mother Gladys Cooper has encased her within. Their idea is to send her on a cruise with the doctor's advice to learn everything, do everything, engage everyone.

The results are a remarkable transformation of a woman who believed she was an 'ugly duckling' into Miss Bette Davis as a sizzling hot beauty like she never was before or after in any other film. How Miss Davis didn't view herself as a beauty or use her beauty to create her success as an actress is what "Now, Voyager," proves is most remarkable about her 66 year long acting career.

If she had wanted to be a "bombshell," she could have, two snaps up. Davis didn't want to be a "movie star," or "glamor girl. Not only did she make her career using acting skill and shrewd business finesse, Bette Davis also made quite a few other people's acting careers work well for them by taking a back seat in films with her role having a weaker script.

Thus, as co-actors they could collaborate to make out of an average screenplay a screen hit and a new acting star. Davis was so unselfish an actor that she was in the acting business to benefit the art. That's why she's my favorite actor of all time: she was so self-assured as an actor in a man's world in the 20th centurythat her ego didn't get in the way of making truly great movies with co-actors with whom she worked with as a team player.

Clearly, she steals the show, but she takes Paul Heinried love interest, Jerry right next to her, conjoined at the hip. What a delight it must have been to work with a true artist who was a great expert at her craft.

Davis is glamorous beyond compare and Heinreid is a smooth, sensuous, suitor. This is my favorite of all of her motion pictures at least I believe I own and have seen them all. How anyone could say that Bette Davis wasn't a raving beauty after they saw her in this film is beyond me. Not only does "Jerry" fall madly in love with "Charlotte," so does audience after audience, generation after generation. There's much more to this great story, but I'm not telling!

Buy the DVD. Wonderful on DVD brit 12 June I first saw this wonderful film in the early 's on television - made in is seemed old fashioned, slightly stilted and truly from another time. Later on in the seventies and eighties I'd watch the occasional late A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - The Best Of Voyager (CD) re-run on TV and it just seemed camp. In the nineties I bought the video - something to keep. A little bit of cinema history.

Perhaps it's because I know the story so well, but I was able to appreciate the movie on several different levels such as cinematography, direction and editing. Bette Davis was always the prime reason for watching but I never realized what a fine naturalistic actor Claude Raines was. His scenes with Bette Davis exude intelligence and warmth. I stopped to consider what a remake might look like - who could play the leads?

Who would direct? What would the score be like? With no disrespect to anyone in the movie industry, I don't think a remake would ever be possible. The actors and technicians on this movie were truly masters of their craft. I defy anyone who watches the first ten minutes not to be hooked until the closing credits. Want to see a troupe of actors that can actually perform? Then do not miss this movie: "Now Voyager Black and White". It stars Betty Davis and all I can say is that once you see a real actress perform you will never be satisfied by the modern day actress.

There is just no comparison. All the glitter, all the pomp, all the dresses, all the makeup, all the special effects, just don't compare. And yet the story behind the movie is a simple view into the complex neurotic life of a young woman controlled by a matriarch who is self centered, demanding and totally unrelenting in her personal quest to demean her unwanted daughter. Betty Davis is the daughter that finds her own path and breaks free of the chains of guilt provided by her mother.

Eventually she finds love Paul Henreid on a cruise ship. This wonderful movie transcends its intended audience. Most people seeing this say it is a woman's movie. The lead is female. The problems are those associated with women: marriage, relationships, loneliness, and love. Those who don't like the movie, say it leaves out half the human race. The film introduces us to a maiden aunt who is overweight, plain and very self conscious with glasses that, in her opinion, does nothing for her.

It is the custom of her family to either bully her her mother and her nieceor to show a silent sort of pity. Only June is determined to do something: she introduces Charlotte to Dr.

Jaquith Claude Rains who immediately understands her condition. To her credit, so does Charlotte. She knows she needs help, or at least a change. With his excellent guidance, she is transformed into a beautiful engaging woman. She decides to go on a ship's cruise to fulfill an unspoken need.

She meets Jerry Paul Hanreidwith whom she immediately falls in love. He returns it. But as we learn laterhe is married, but is very unhappy. His wife is not a partner: she's an emotional leach.

He is a noble man and will not divorce her to marry Charlotte. Charlotte respects his nobility: she will not be a home wrecker. They part. Charlotte decides to try developing a relationship based on comfort. Eventually she realizes it is not for her, that she cannot settle for a little when she has had a love like the one she's had with Jerry.

She gets into an argument with her mother and her mother cannot stand the strain of the argument and has a fatal heart attack. She cannot stand her guilt and goes back for help from Dr. There she meets Jerry's daughter Tina. She immediately takes a liking to the girl. They become like mother and daughter, both fulfilling the needs of the other. Jerry is eternally grateful and decides Tina is in the right place. That essentially is the plot. But the plot description really pales the dialog, the delivery, the music, the direction, and the sincerity of the production.

We would likely think the nobility is another word for stupidity. We would think her timidity laughable: we are encouraged to make our way in the world. And yet don't we all wish we could love someone with the unwavering feminine moral standard of Charlotte?

She had the power to corrupt Jerry, but did not. Don't we all wish we knew someone like Jerry who had plenty of opportunity to stray, but did not? How we watch one of those films determines what our response is going to be. If we are cynical, we will probably laugh. If we are emotional, we likely will get teary eyed. If we know what we are watching we will enjoy and be enriched by a film that transcends all its surface "defects.

Jerry Durrance, the married man she meets, befriends, and with whom she falls in love on a cruise following a transformative stay at the Vermont Sanatorium operated by Dr. Jaquith Claude Rains. Reviewers often speak of the themes of self-sacrifice and relate it to the war, which would have been an attractive reason to make the film, but the reality was that the novel was a popular best-seller, Higgins-Prouty's earlier novel, Stella Dallas, was also a popular film and later a radio seriesand the studio stood to do well financially if the movie turned out well.

Hal Wallis' deft hand as producer is seen here, especially in his choice of Orry Kelly as costume designer for Bette Davis. He and the studio worked within the limits of censors' requirements, which indicated that there could be no intimation that the two main characters had sex which was implicit in the novel but never explicitly stated, where the behavior between the two in the love scenes were generally glossed over most of the timeand that they could not share the same blanket in the scene where they are in a hut on a Brazilian mountain, stranded.

They also had to change locales for the story, because the A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - The Best Of Voyager (CD) had the sea voyage set in and around Italy, Gibralter, etc.

In spite of any restrictions placed on the filmmakers and actors, the film followed the novel very closely, especially with respect to dialogue. The big point of contention has always been: who invented the two-cigarette lighting gesture that Paul Henreid became famous for later?

According to some, George Brent and Bette Davis did something similar earlier in another film, and according to Paul Henreid and Bette Davis, there was a cigarette exchange ritual in the script which was sort of awkward, so they improvised based on Paul Henreid's experience with his wife on car trips. The latter seems likely, as there was a cigarette-exchange ritual in the novel Jerry would give Charlotte a cigarette, lighting hers and then his own on one match, and then they would exchange cigarettes with each other so that Charlotte smoked the one that had been in Jerry's mouth and vice versawhich would have been slightly awkward in practice.

All in all, this is a truly excellent film with great production values, true to the novel on which it was based, and a wonderful ensemble cast. I think the "ugly duckling" storyline is so powerful because most of us have lived through it in one way or another; a first dance, a first kiss, a stumbling call on the phone. For most it happens in our teens; for Charlotte is just happened a little later.

But because we have lived it, we can easily connect with what she is feeling The early scenes of Davis and Henreid together on the ship, as she takes her first tentative steps toward womanhood are remarkable and lovely and touching -- all without being smarmy or overly sentimental. That's a nice trick, and the Director pulled it off beautifully. As did the writers, who managed to keep things moving and keep a sense of humor throughout the dialog.

And while the cigarette shot is famous, I'll vote for the "transformation" shot of Bette when we see her for the first time aboard ship; that fluid tilt up from toe to top, with her "picture hat" tipped down over one eye.

Stefchild 8 April I am such a fan of Bette Davis, there is hardly a movie that she has made that I do not like. But this movie is great. I love her transformation from Aunt Charlotte to the worldly, travel worn, experienced woman of the world.

I love the last line," Jerry, let's not ask for the moon, we have the stars". She should have won the Oscar for that performance, but Greer Garson won instead. This is definitely one that I will buy and add to my collection. I also liked her reaction to her brothers and sisters-in-laws, on her first night home after her return from her voyage abroad. This is her best performance, I was told that she had to fight for this role. The studio actually offered the role to others and did not consider her.

Nor can I. Thanks to the wisdom, of dumb luck of Warner Brothers Studios, this is and always will be a classic. In Boston, the fat spinster Charlotte Vale Bette Davis is a repressed woman without self-esteem and completely dominated by her wealthy mother Mrs.

Henry Vale Gladys Cooper. Jaquith Claude Rainswho is her friend, to visit Charlotte, he invites her to spend sometime in his sanatorium. Soon Charlotte transforms in a sophisticated and confident woman and travels in a cruise to South America. Six months later, she returns home and confronts his mother with her independence and own free will.

One day, Charlotte has an argument with her mother and she dies of a heart attack. Cyklamen - Zapomniane Melodie. Dallas - Ciemnowlosa. Dallas - Kochajcie nas dziewczyny. Dallas - Monika. Dance - Koniec Lata. Dancing Music Hits. De Menels - Rock Nie Wyrok. Delay - Najlepsze Lata. Delta - Bambo Raj. Denis - Marzenia. Denis - Ty po prostu Ty. Densoludki - Bajko Hity Tic Tac. Densoludki - Kosmokaczki.

Din Dong. Disco Fun - To Ty. Disco Klepisko - Aniu Przebacz Mi. Disco Sex. Dj Bomba - Bombadier. Dj Pietrek - Bimbrownicy. Dolores - Szabada, A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - The Best Of Voyager (CD). Don Badylios - Don Badylios. Dr Jasnowidz. Dr Marek. Dr Marek - Balanga.

Dr Marek - Pompon. Dream - Sen. Duet Stela. Duet Sukran - Max Disco 3. Dunia Ma. Duo For You. Duo Night. Duo Stars. Duo Stars - Murzynek Bambo. Dyskoteka W Remizie 1. Dzieci Komuny. Easy Land - Serca dwa. Effect - Effect. Egon Brothers - Disco Jak Cholera. Elena - Bajla Morena. Elis - Daj Mi Serce. Etna - Lawa. Euro Top. Ewa Skrzypek - Lalka. Ex - Midi. Ex Problem.

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Figaro - Balangowe Przeboje, A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - The Best Of Voyager (CD). Fiszer - Nadzieja. Flash Dance - Diamentowa Dama. Flesh - Krasnoludek. Floryda Dance Band. Focus - Absolutnie Ty. Focus - Transformac ja. Format - Nadzieja. Forte - Monte Carlo I Ty. Forum - Ta Dziewczyna. Foxy Lady. Foxy Lady II. Funky 5. Funky 5 - Ole! Genowefa Pigwa. Gipsy Boys. Gizmo - Czy odnajde inny swiat. Grupa B Grupa Karo. Hades 2. Hades z Turka. Hans - Sensacje wariacje.

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User Polls TV Groups, in a single word Who Are You? Episodes Seasons. Phineas Bogg 20 episodes, Meeno Peluce Edit Storyline Phineas Bogg is a member of a group people called Voyagers. Taglines: Break the habit! Edit Did You Know? Trivia After leaving his acting career behind, Meeno Peluce became a high school history teacher. Goofs At the beginning of each episode the Voyagers are in their usual clothing even though in the course of most episodes they A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - The Best Of Voyager (CD) out their clothing to blend in and do not always end the episode in the same place or era where they began.

Quotes Phineas Bogg : [ in multiple stories, talking to himself ] Smart kids give me a pain. Jeffrey Jones : [ also talking to himself, when Bogg seems to have goofed ] Smart grown-ups give me a pain. Crazy Credits During the credits, we hear Meeno Peluce, one of the cast members, say, "If you would like to learn more about [names of three famous things pertaining to the episode], take a voyage down to your public library.

It's all in books. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Add the first question. Country: USA. Language: English. Production Co: James D. Runtime: 60 min 20 episodes. Sound Mix: Mono. Color: Color Technicolor. Edit page. Add episode.

Sitemap A My Lubimy Dziewczyny - Voyager (24) - Super Mix 97 (CD, Album), Fite Dem Back - Strikniën D.C. - Playing With Fire (CD), Propheten Und Ihre Berufung, Brass In Pocket - Unknown Artist - Karaoke 80s (CD), Bier Her - Unknown Artist - Superstimmung (30 Bekannte Lieder Für Tanz Und Gute Laune) (Vinyl, LP), Various - Rock Sound: Volume May 03,  · FASHION MONTH NOW VOYAGER () Fashion month has now arrived, and for my eight choices, I wanted to go with contemporary fashion, films that really showcase the fashion of the era. Today I decided to kick off with "Now Voyager", an illustrious film, starring Bette Davis. "Now Voyager" marks the first independent Warner Bros. production. Now, Voyager () is the quintessential, soap-opera or "woman's picture" ('weepie') and one of Bette Davis' best-acted and remembered films in the 40s, coming shortly after other early Davis classics including Jezebel (), Dark Victory (), The Old Maid (), All This, and Heaven Too (), and The Letter (). Oct 27,  · Voyager - A my lubimy dziewczyny - Duration: Nastrojowe disco polo - moja dziewczyna,my climdetitidilo.stefebdicompsagriadergfoundtalawsafet.co - Duration: MAREK KOBZIO , Best . Now, Voyager is a novel by American novelist Olive Higgins Prouty []. It was adapted for the movie by screenwriter Casey Robinson []. The title comes from a line in the Walt Whitman poem "The Untold Want," which reads, The untold want by life and land ne'er granted, / Now voyager sail thou forth to seek and find. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. Voyager () Soundtracks. Soundtrack Credits. Night and Day () (uncredited) a list of 24 titles created Claude Rains. Oct 03,  · Created by James D. Parriott. With Jon-Erik Hexum, Meeno Peluce, David Cadiente, Stephen Liska. A member of a league of time travelers and a . To place an order or for customer service, call toll-free or outside the United States, call Barry Gibb's landmark album, "Now, Voyager" from is a masterpiece. Sadly, MCA did nothing to promote it and it barely charted. The top 40 hit "Shine Shine" was to be followed by the white rap "Fine Line", but without the help of the producers, this fantastic Gibb project was lost/5(59). Watch the video for Polskie Dziewczyny from Voyager's Polskie dziewczyny for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. Playing via Spotify Playing via YouTube. Playback options Listening on Switch Spotify device Monday 24 August 0: Tuesday 25 August


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